Nov 29, 2010

Magic of Blurry Pic

It was long long ago, since I have the black long hair and it was long long ago, since this photo was taken!
The blurrer it is, the Cuter I am

Aha, procrastination and procrastination!

Nov 28, 2010

Zeon & Chris Wedding Dinner

It has been quite some time I blog for real
Time for some serious stuffs now :)

Been taking photos for quite some time but the photos always shown after months
What a bad habit aint it?

As the title says, I would like to congratulate the newly wed here.
I have to say I am grateful that I was able to capture one of the important moments in their lives.

I have to thank to my partner as well
For allowing me to tag along

All of us here, I would say, we do not know how our future would lead to
From the day we are born until we are who we are now, or even in 5 to 10 years time.

Life is unpredictable
For what we seek is often not found, but what we get is often not we have expected.

But surprises never fail
By chance, one will stumble upon something

And then
Magic just happened!

Lotsa Loves in the air!

Once again, Congratulations to Zeon & Chris!

Nov 27, 2010

Much Loves for Dome!

Ohayo Gozaimas :)
Hitomi is still in the Sick mode.
Sigh, must fast fast recover before I start my new job

Oh ya, back to the topic!
Thanks to all the16 entries lining up for the contest for Free DOME vouchers.

Much loves <3 
There are two which are posted after 12pm.
I have no choice but to disqualify Nana & Fish.

Without further ado, Let's see who are the Lucky Six whom won themselves a voucher for 10 Iconic Dome Classic
  1. Spectre -
  2. Bernard -
  3. Elwyn -
  4. Red Buttock -
  5. Sirei -
  6. June -
Note: There is no particular arrangement as in who is the most creative & the voucher is only applicable in Dome at Gardens Mall.

Once again, I want to thank those whom have written in though you did not win!

For those whom prefer to collect it at PJ, you can meet me at One Utama on Thursday, 2 December, around 5.30pm.
As for those whom prefer to collect it at Mid Valley, you can meet me there on Friday, 3 December, around 6pm.
Kindly drop me an email at stating your preferred location, time, and also leave your contact number (mobile).

It is another hectic day ahead!

Nov 25, 2010

Catching up with Hitomi

La lalala Lala Lala
Lalalalala~ La La La La
Any idea of the tune?

Watashi Cho-tanoshii!
Today is my final day of work.
I will have 5days break before starting my new job :p

Sad thing is I am sick :(
It never fail to happen after I went to clubbing

Tomorrow will be my super busy day!
I need to get down to Bukit Bintang to get my hair done!
It will look totally Different from now.
NO long hair :p

Reason being, I am going to become one of the model this coming Sunday!

Something like this

Are you coming for this Sunday then?

Nov 23, 2010

6 Dome Vouchers up for Grabs!

In conjunction with the introduction of "10 Iconic Dome Classic"
I am giving out 6 vouchers for the lucky ones :p

All you need to do is write a simple post with a photo on your blog, with the caption "I want Dome Vouchers from HITOMI" and put a link to!

6 Most creative Photos will entitle themselves to one voucher :)

The deadline will be 26 November 2010 (Friday) 12pm.
Oh yea, remember to comment on this post with your blog url!

Nov 21, 2010

Graduated for the 2nd Time!

Some might have graduated for the first time in their life, but me, I have been graduated for the second time?

Haha, if you do not count kindergarden, primary school, and secondary school, I guess that is pretty much the same for most of you out there

Graduation is not really a big deal.
At least not the actual ceremony itself.

But more to knowing that "I have finally DONE it!"
At the same time, it also means, "Hey girl, time to get your ass out there working for your life!"
That hurts!

Apart from that, it is more like a consolation for your dear daddy and mommy
For your daughter has finally Graduated!

I would like to take this opportunity here
To say, "Mom, I love you so much!"
Even though I have not been a great daughter, and most of the time, the pain-in-the-ass one

To my daddy, "Without you, there won't be me too!"
But deep in my heart, I know you can do better

Look over here, see who are Hitomi's parents!
Don't you feel proud :p

To those friends whom have been with me all these while, I am glad to have you all.
It might be the only one time that we all gather at one place, but fret not, we shall keep in touch won't we?

Happy Graduation to all!

Nov 19, 2010

Dome Cafe : Sinful, yet enjoyable

As the title says, it was a total tummy-bloating food review.
No fighting, No unattended demand
Many thanks to Melium Group marketing team - Jasmine, Sheryn, and Lee Ju for the awesome dinner!

Not only we have whole lot of Awesome dishes for try-out
Most important the serene and windy environment of the new Dome Cafe.
It gives me the impression as if we were dining along the beach :p
For it is just located at the main entrance of Gardens mall, facing Mid Valley and the fountain!

Most of us would think of Starbucks, Coffee Bean when we want some Coffee.
But many does not know that Dome serves good coffee too!
If you do notice, their Homepage claims they have Finest Coffee as well!

Personally I like their Signature Espreski Coffee Drink
HoneyComb Goldrush

Blended and topped with Honeycomb (layered with sweet and Sinful chocolate)
Good for those with Sweet tooth for it is REAL sweet and Chewy at the same time!
If you prefer much texturized drinks, Dome Espreski is just the thing for you for it tastes better than Java Chip :p

This time round, I had something different but more or less the variation of HoneyComb 
Caramel Nut Crunch

Pretty similar to HoneyComb but not as sweet as that.
For those whom love nuts, this would be a better choice.
For those whom don't fancy nuts, then you will dislike taste the strong flavor of peanuts.

According to Sheryn
  • Dome uses imported farm cow milk from Australia, which would give smoother finishing to their Drinks, and I find that it is pretty true!
  • Dome top dishes are Gourmet Chicken Puff, Fish & Chips, Nasi Lemak, Spicy Olio Pasta, Catch of the Day, and Lot Burger. 
  • Dome has introduced "10 Iconic Dome Classic" and better still
  • you can win yourself the BUY-1-GET-1 vouchers, which I would give out in the next post!

Let's see what are Hitomi's Recommended!

Top Dish One - Gourmet Chicken Puff
Xiang said this is the RECOMMENDED one but it ended up the puff is too soft because we have more than 8 photographers in the team.

Poor puff
*shake head*
Deep inside the puff, it is the Steamy n Creamy Mushroom Chicken Soup
Imagine if the puff is crispy and dipped into the soup with soft chunks of Chicken, it is just Perfectooo!

Top Dish Two - Spicy Olio Pasta
This is my Favorite!
*raise leg to agree*
Every time I took a bite into it, I have the sense of Satisfaction due to the special taste of fresh herb.
Though it might be bit oily and not too spicy to your expectation, I still love it!

Top Dish Three - Minestrone Soup
I was told it is Tomato soup but in fact, it is not.
However it tastes sour, something that I would like as my appetizer.
The fresh crusty bread is just the nice match with the watery texture of the soup.

Top Dish Four - Lot Burger
Super thick but easily chewable Beef patty topped with slightly sweet & not too sour gravy, bacon, cheese slice, and egg.
A totally different taste for burgers. Not too bad, but eating the patty alone is not advisable as it is too salty.

There are too many dishes around but of course, I didn't get to eat all of them.
Here are some I have tried.
From left: Cheese Nudget, Tomyam Pasta, Nasi Lemak

Cheese Nudget is too salty but I believe it would be best paired with beer :p Oh ya, Dome do sell beer!
As for the Tomyam Pasta, it does not taste Tomyam at all but truly spicy! I would say heavy flavored and they give plenty of Mussels and seafood.
The Nasi Lemak is just normal but if you are craving for some Asian food, this would be good to go for.

From top: Catch of the day, Fish & Chip, Asam Fish

Catch of the day comes with butter dressing, and spice rice
Asam fish with Aca 
Both are quite normal to my liking.
I didn't get to try Fish & Chip though.

To those whom are totally calories conscious, you might be interested to try out their salads and sandwiches 
This is Caesar Salad with their own Classic caesar dressing - Nutty but sour - I find it pretty enticing

We have appetisers, snacks, main, and now it is time for some Desserts :p
The one I love best is Chocolate Brownie! 
It might looks normal but the fact is it comes with two layers - One smooth chocolate and one nutty chocolate cake
Totally SINFUL and if I were not full, I would have all for myself, if that is possible!

Another worth trying is Marble cheesecake.
I love cheesecake, which comes with a layer with biscuits based.
At least it is not too filling with all the Cheesiness!

As for the Carrot cake, it is too texturized and not as nice as expected.

Here we were, at Dome Cafe, Gardens.
Photos credited to Xiangcool & Steven Tan.

Anyone interested to win 3pairs of BUY-1-GET-1 vouchers?
Stay tuned!

Nov 18, 2010

Flowers for you!

My Convocation was last Saturday but till now, I have not have time to process them
I have two bouquets of flower but now it is drying up.

No worries, Imma going to give you flower today!
Forever in memories :p

Nov 15, 2010


I always wish I have a laptop
So that I can just surf the web whenever I feel like, edit photos when I have to.

It is a pain when it reminds me of the price, which is at least RM2-3k for a decent one without having Photoshop hanging in the process 

When there is chance to win a free laptop, please do not hesitate to enter. But it don't come easy, as there is no free things in this world

That is why this post is contributed to Mr Jayren, so that he manages to win one
Even though I might as well take part in it, but nothing matters when you sincerely hope one will win.

Nov 14, 2010

Walks of life

Life is fragile
We might be happily celebrating the day before, but the next day, we might be gone, Leaving our beloved behind, mourning.

But life still goes on.
No matter how hard you try.
What is done is done.

Appreciate whatever you have at the moment.
For the world is still yours.

Live life to the fullest!

Nov 11, 2010

Picadilly anyone?

There are tonnes and tonnes of eateries
Good food is not necessary expensive but not-so-good food is usually overrated, in terms of price.

Have you heard of Picadilly?
Personally I have not.
But I am sure for those staying in Petaling Jaya would pretty much heard of this place

Such as this guy
Guess who is this?

And this?
This guy here detests against camera most of the time, because he claims he is not handsome..
What do you say?

Okie, back to the food.
Looks tempting?
Well, I would say it pretty much depending on how one photograph it while the fact is it is just a so-so dish and it costs more than those yummy hawker food.


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