Oct 7, 2010

Switch to The Other Guys?

Heard of the Switch?
NOPE NOPE, not this one.

I am talking about the Movie - The Switch
the SWITCH comes about when this Mr Wally accidentally SPILLED the Sperms and thus he has to REPLACE it.

BUT he can't remember!

There are some parts are pretty hilarious, especially when it involves JEALOUSY, and seriously I like SEBASTIAN too!
If you don't know, WATCH them then you shall know why I say so :p

And now let's SWITCH to THE OTHER GUYs
Spot the Will Ferrell Nerdy Look?
Nah, not gonna be my pick.

HOw about Mark Wahlberg?
*touch chin*
Maybe, did you see his BALLADE move?
Load it and watch it till the end.

Or not, BLOG to win free tickets to watch it! Check out HOW-TO here.

Movie Screening Details with Advertlets
DATE : 12 October 2010 (Tuesday)
TIME : 8.00PM
VENUE : GSC Mid Valley ( Hall 2 – 186 Seats )

See you there kay?


  1. HitoMi,

    Neither of those movies did well at the box office on this side of the Pacific.

    Both are sort of lame movies with sophomoric humour.


  2. @ David :
    Yea no doubt about that. Because it is lame that is why funny but it wont stick to your brain


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