Oct 19, 2010

Pineapple Fried Rice

I love pineapple, for they have the natural sweetness that is never too much, which is attributable to the slight sourish flavor.

When fried rice meets Pineapple, it never fail to bring out both flavor 
- Salty and yet sweet - 
Fear not, it is not overwhelming, but just nice :)

For those whom have not tried, it is highly recommended by hitoMi.
Oh yea, this particular one is not too bad too.
it is from Garden's restaurant.


  1. Remind me on the restaurant that we went last time before the movie screening at 1U.... haha XD

  2. i don't like pineapple but i like pineapple fried rice. hehheh

  3. @ Feeq :
    Which restaurant?

    @ sirei :
    Haha, you are cute my dear

  4. Haven't eaten pineapple fried rice for a long time. haha

  5. @ jayren :
    Try it! it is from Gardens at One utama


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