Oct 12, 2010

My fake BB might not survived

To those whom have expressed your concern, I truly appreciate your kindness.
Nothing serious happened but when all the things summed up together, it just added to my misery.

I lost my debit card. I have no idea where it was last appeared. That is ok.
I lost my fake BB. I had to replace my sim cards. It is ok.

BUT now I have no idea whether it will survive from the water.
I miss my BB, DAMMIT, I never think it would happen but again it proves me wrong.


  1. girl, everything will be just fine kay. hugsss!!!

  2. HitOmi,

    WOW, a lost debit card can cause big problems. I trust your bank canceled the lost card and will not penalize you if someone makes unauthorized withdrawals.

    You must have been distracted big time to lose such items.


  3. have you canceled your card? no wonder no reply when i text you... hope everything is alright now...

    let me know if i anything i can do... =)

    take care~

  4. @ charis :
    Finally you are here :( miss you

    @ David :
    Thank goodness no withdrawal has made under the old card. I still wonder where it has gone to.

    @ Dennis Ong :
    I canceled all the cards, and I have reapplied for them. In the meantime, I am using Maxis number.

  5. Hitomi , cheer up! Chill ! After bad day , good day will come , and everything will be fine . Smile .=)

  6. @ jayren :

  7. I read in Rebecca's post the pork knuckle in Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant (same row as Delicious, Spaghetti Grill, Chillis and Pao Xiang Bak kut teh) seems not too bad.

  8. @ simon seow :
    I saw it in Jason chan's blog too!! looks damn scrumptious!!

  9. hope ur bb is okay.. and i saw my friend is using some smaller version of this dual sim phone... some other brand i forgot.. quite similiar to the bb but smaller... less than 200 i think... if u want i can ask for u where he buys... =)

  10. @ Dennis :
    Sure sure u help me ask kay?

  11. @ Dennis Ong :


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