Oct 29, 2010

Inspires your Halloween Look

Halloween is coming. In fact it is just this Sunday!
Last year I was celebrating at Zouk, and lots of people dressed up in all sorta.
I felt so out and not festive

So this year, you are so not gonna dress up in your usuals and head to clubs!

For those vampish lovers and overtly obsessed with Twilight's Edward Cullen or Alice Cullen
Here are some looks you might be interested in

Striking orange hair, with a formal jacket - Don't you think you are such a Bachelor right now?

Slightly tousled looking hair with bold eye shadows, paired with Purple nails.
Of course, don't forget the vampish ATTITUDE
you BITE

If you are so against Vampires, why not go for Jacob Black?
But bear in mind, you might not be allowed to go in

To those girls with short hair, you can throw the vampish look too!
But do not smile, you BITE!

This year Halloween I am going to be so piggish at home!
Enjoy peeps, hope you have a good HALLO-WEEEEE


  1. lol... nice... very nice... but i'll be most prob be at home as well.... =p

  2. HitoMi,

    Your vampish look is great!

    Your eyes and face have the

    Happy Halloween!


  3. Go half naked to party meh. XD

    No time to dye hair to orange.
    Think I'll just go with a formal wear.

    Wish I have a hat. Then can complete it by saying I'm dressing up as mafia. :P

  4. wow , nice nice ! I like the vampire look ! Awesome ! =D

  5. @ jayren :
    Why not the werewolve?


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