Oct 31, 2010

Hitomi Photography blog is closed down

Dear fellow readers of Hitomi Photography

I have a good news and a bad news for all.
So do you want to hear the bad one first or the good one first?

I guess I shall start with the good one first.
Good thing is I will merge both blogs under hitomi5.blogspot.com
Bad thing is I will close down hitomiphotography.blogspot.com

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. 
You can always stay tuned for more at hitomi5.blogspot.com as it shall serve both blog readers :)


Oct 30, 2010

Complicated love between werewolve & jungle fairy

Happy Halloween, are you ready to FREAK the PEE from the PEEPS out?
Hitomi is not going to be out for party, so I would be dedicating this post to those whom are going to stay indoor :)

We all want to be loved, and to love.
NO matter who we are, and who says werewolve cannot fall for jungle fairy?

There is always hope, dare to dream, and fear not
There are Lotsa love in the house

Oct 29, 2010

Inspires your Halloween Look

Halloween is coming. In fact it is just this Sunday!
Last year I was celebrating at Zouk, and lots of people dressed up in all sorta.
I felt so out and not festive

So this year, you are so not gonna dress up in your usuals and head to clubs!

For those vampish lovers and overtly obsessed with Twilight's Edward Cullen or Alice Cullen
Here are some looks you might be interested in

Striking orange hair, with a formal jacket - Don't you think you are such a Bachelor right now?

Slightly tousled looking hair with bold eye shadows, paired with Purple nails.
Of course, don't forget the vampish ATTITUDE
you BITE

If you are so against Vampires, why not go for Jacob Black?
But bear in mind, you might not be allowed to go in

To those girls with short hair, you can throw the vampish look too!
But do not smile, you BITE!

This year Halloween I am going to be so piggish at home!
Enjoy peeps, hope you have a good HALLO-WEEEEE

Oct 25, 2010

I need more sleep

A hiatus might be most appropriate but I might lose you.
So you tell me what should I do?

Oct 19, 2010

Pineapple Fried Rice

I love pineapple, for they have the natural sweetness that is never too much, which is attributable to the slight sourish flavor.

When fried rice meets Pineapple, it never fail to bring out both flavor 
- Salty and yet sweet - 
Fear not, it is not overwhelming, but just nice :)

For those whom have not tried, it is highly recommended by hitoMi.
Oh yea, this particular one is not too bad too.
it is from Garden's restaurant.

Oct 12, 2010

My fake BB might not survived

To those whom have expressed your concern, I truly appreciate your kindness.
Nothing serious happened but when all the things summed up together, it just added to my misery.

I lost my debit card. I have no idea where it was last appeared. That is ok.
I lost my fake BB. I had to replace my sim cards. It is ok.

BUT now I have no idea whether it will survive from the water.
I miss my BB, DAMMIT, I never think it would happen but again it proves me wrong.

Oct 10, 2010


There are too many things happened on me.
I don't know what to say about it anymore.

Maybe it is my UNLUCKY day.
Fart it...

Oct 7, 2010

Switch to The Other Guys?

Heard of the Switch?
NOPE NOPE, not this one.

I am talking about the Movie - The Switch
the SWITCH comes about when this Mr Wally accidentally SPILLED the Sperms and thus he has to REPLACE it.

BUT he can't remember!

There are some parts are pretty hilarious, especially when it involves JEALOUSY, and seriously I like SEBASTIAN too!
If you don't know, WATCH them then you shall know why I say so :p

And now let's SWITCH to THE OTHER GUYs
Spot the Will Ferrell Nerdy Look?
Nah, not gonna be my pick.

HOw about Mark Wahlberg?
*touch chin*
Maybe, did you see his BALLADE move?
Load it and watch it till the end.

Or not, BLOG to win free tickets to watch it! Check out HOW-TO here.

Movie Screening Details with Advertlets
DATE : 12 October 2010 (Tuesday)
TIME : 8.00PM
VENUE : GSC Mid Valley ( Hall 2 – 186 Seats )

See you there kay?

Oct 5, 2010

Helo my Lady Boss

It was great to have Shannon for My Hitomistic Project

I love this collection very much :p

What do you think my lady boss?

Oh yea, I did post up some others in my HitoMi Photography blog, check them!

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