Sep 23, 2010

True story of i-City

As the title says, this is my very own story.

i-City has became a hot topic lately. 
Even though it is located quite a distance away from heart of Kuala Lumpur, people are willing to drive all the way just to visit the magical city of light.

Hitomi never hear of i-City, even though she had been there.
Believe it or not, it is true!

Hitomi actually bumped into this particular place and found it pretty intriguing.
Thus, hitoMi and the friend decided to hunt around with our cameras along.

It was a super long queue of cars, and it took us like 10minutes or more to get a parking.
Instead of wasting our time, we took our camera out and snap :p
I have no idea why people would come all the way just for this but now I do. 
It is totally worth the trip!
And no jokes, alot of people in the middle of the night, if I am not mistaken, almost 12am.

Beautiful, Don't you agree?
But come to think of it, how much electricity has to be expended on i-City every single night?
Do you think this is environmental friendly?
Seriously, hitomi says NOPE.

What is your say?


  1. true true... this is like killing earth hour instead of earth hour campaign... hahaha! XD

  2. HitoMi,

    Very pretty site.

    Many shopping malls here in are doing similar on trees all year long. The lights appear to be LED's, which run on low voltage and are likely the most efficient way to run lights.

  3. this place is nice but nt for frequent visit..
    it is so hot here and it is difficult to capture a nice photo of people with the LED ligths background..
    certainly worth a visit..
    i been wondering hw much electricity used up per day too..

  4. @ henry Lee :
    But it has been such a HIT over i-City >.<

    @ David :
    It is not a shopping mall but an open air site merely decorating the landscape.
    In one word, it is "USELESS"

    @ Kwong fei :
    yea, definitely! Since it is free everybody just go there!

  5. Never been to i-City before.
    It's too far.

  6. @ kelvin :
    Oooo...neither your friends going?

  7. Been there once.. when it is still free of charge... i heard from my friends, they start charging entrance fees now...

    it is beautiful, but i think it is overrated...

  8. @ Dennis :
    Now you see? it is all about money

  9. Friends got go la, but I'm lazy to drive all the way there. :P

  10. @ kelvin tan :
    Hmm, I see...jump into their cars?

  11. definitely worth-visiting~~
    definitely energy0wasting~~

  12. @ xjion89 :
    Haha, sounds contradicting!

  13. Can't. Usually they make me the driver one. :(

  14. @ kelvin :
    Oh now i see you are Mr GOod Man!

  15. went there last few days but felt regret going there(wasted my money sobs sobs). it's quite empty like a dead city with only different color lights only. and not environmental friendly
    oh ya, hurts my eyes too seriously, too much light bad for your eyes :(

  16. So colorful ~ I like the photos :)

  17. @ sirei : much is it ah? Yea lo..just lights. But I saw one photoshoot at i-City in magazine...not bad for the idea

    @ onion :
    Hehe, good good :p


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