Sep 29, 2010

a Crazy Duo

I know I have not been pumping some HitoMism in this blog for like AGES
Sorry to my fellow readers :p

I shall make it up for it.

This so-not-Malaysian-looking guy here, is totally MALAYSIAN!
He is my ex collegemate. 
We rarely talked face to face but we did bump into one another few times.

Guess what it turned out to be FUN!
He is a total CRAZY GUY

See it for yourself
Shy Shy (so fake!)

Disoriented emotions

So scary
Just came out from Descent 2 screening, which was like half a year back!
No joke, HALF A YEAR or 6 holy MOnths!

Don't pray pray, this is the CRAZY DUO

*Ehem ehem*
I think is too much for you guys...

Cheerio, and hitoMi signing off now!


  1. HitoMi,

    Sure the fellow is intersting.

    However in this photo set you are the STAR!


  2. haha at a glance i thought he was my half indian half kadazan friend. Crazy poses there.

  3. @ David :
    I am not the star, I am the DUO!

    @ Chris Federick :
    LOL, thanks dude...interesting friend you have!

    @ Dennis Ong :
    When you gonna do the crazy poses with me?

  4. LoL, hitomi... when we meet up...? Dun worry, sure will have the chance... heheh

    by da way, i've sent my kit lense to get it fix... it cost me 140++... =s

    collecting it tmr... =)

  5. Random facial expression the most ever!

  6. @ dennis Ong :
    Hehe, not sure when. Tell me when you have any plan in mind. Lately stay home more coz been lacking sleep.

    I spent about 143 for that too >.< sigh...but now still not that good. Is new lens focus fast? coz mine not fast at all

    @ biopolymath :
    hehe, thanks! not as cute as you

  7. LOL...HitomisM...very nice poses..haha

  8. @ k~^|n :
    Haha, thanks thanks :)

  9. Hmm... fast or not fast i dun really notice.. but is a lot more louder now.. >.<

    will beep you when i had something in mind.. heheh

    my camera still got error99 sigh~

    hope is not due to main board problem...

  10. @ Dennis Ong :
    I doubt about mine too sigh...sakit hati >.<

  11. Yea.. this is really sakit hati and it is just only a year plus... =s

    so last week i got myself a 7D instead... (there goes a BIG hole in my wallet... T.T) but it is real nice... and i fell in love with it the 1st time i saw it... =p

  12. @ Dennis :
    OMG >.< you get new camera edi? where is ur old camera now?

  13. heheh.. yea.. got meself a new camera... =p the old one? will get it fix later then keep as spare... so that i no need to change lens, when there's any function goin on...

    when r u free? I wanna test drive my new baby.. heheh

  14. @ Dennis :
    hehe, so pro edi...two cameras wo. hehe, sms me lah

  15. hahah.. technically i'm still down with one.. coz the other one haven't repair yet... will text you, then we can hav our crazy post then... LoL

  16. @ Dennis Ong :
    Haha, sounds cool!


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