Aug 19, 2010

Kicking Goodness in California Pizza Kitchen!

Recognise this?

Or maybe you need more hints?
If you do, I would say you have superb observation :)
I shan't not delay any further
Welcome to California Pizza Kitchen in KLCC!

Happy Buka Puasa to all Muslims
If you are tired with cooking after a tiring day of work, this is the place you might be interested to dine in as they have revamped their menus with NEW dishes.
On top of all, more Promotion deals for YOU!

Without further ado, I shall introduce you
hitoMi's YumYuM selections

Pesto Cream Penne
When I first tasted it, I was totally OMG-ed.
This is the BEST pasta I have ever had!

The special dressing they have is None that I had - Basil pine nut pesto cream sauce - very DISTINCT and it gives me FULFILLING sensation like THIS IS IT!
Though they added in the dried chillies but it merely makes it much appealing.Not much spiciness as anticipated.

Price: RM36
Rating: 10/10 *DING DING DING*

Cheeseburger Pizza
Does the name fill you with doubt? Me Too! Totally mystified.
It don't look like any Cheeseburger I had but it tasted like ONE!

Ground beef - Oops,means for some whom don't eat Beef, that is a SAD CASE.
First time in my life, I tried avocado.Lemme describe how it is- Creamy and not too much
Even though they add in Mozzarella and American cheeses, it is just nice.
I love the overall combination

Price: RM44
Rating: 10/10 *DONG DONG DONG*

Meat cravers
Lotsa lotsa pepperoni, mixed with Italian sausages, Canadian bacons topping as you can see.
If it is not so, then it would not deserve to be called MEAT cravers :p

Love the gracious sprinkles of Mozarella cheese- kicking in suffice saltiness and GOODNESS it blends well with the Spicy Salami&Julienne Salami sauce!
*seriously I don't know what are the sauces if you were to ask me to differentiate* 

Price: RM38
Rating: 8/10

Okay, I know what you are thinking, TOO PRICEY?
But let me tell you, it is WORTH the SATISFACTION
Try it and you will like it!

California Pizza Kitchen
Lot No. 140, Level 1,
Suria KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur City Center,
50088 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : (03) 23820512
Fax : (03) 23820516
Email :

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  1. this entry is killing me... i love Italian cuisine... i'm a pasta/pizza guy... whew

    Show Me YOur Look Today

  2. HitOmi,

    CPK has made to your part of world!

    One of our favorite places. CPK has sevral pasta dishes I like. Does the CPK offer the original BBQ pizza? That is one of my favorite pizzas!

    In the States CPK offers some fusion style spring rolls and dumplings on the menu, very yummy!

    More photos please.
    Including HotoMi enjoying the good food!!


  3. @ michael :
    Oh dear, glad to hear that.. Try them out!

    @ David :
    Really? That is good to hear. I was the PR agency working in their food review session. So we only got chance to taste the new dishes

  4. Woo...I love Italian food~ *Drool* xD

  5. HitOmi,

    Cool you are doing food reviews!


  6. @ Erika :
    OMG, gimme 5!

    @ David :
    NOpe, I was the facilitator


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