Aug 28, 2010

HitoMi says : Step Up Review

I am super lazy to blog
OMG what happened to me?!

I just feel like going to shoot 24/7
not without cash, without model, without place, without sense of direction either.

I think I need a break
a Breakaway
a Movie would sound just right!

Courtesy of Advertlets, I have managed to secure a pair of tickets to Step Up 3D
I heard good reviews on Step Up 1 and 2 but I was kinda disappointed with Step Up 3D though
Let's not let the pictures trick you all.

First of all, it is not 3D
Then why is it named as Step Up 3D?

Secondly, the girl is not really pretty
 And for most of the more extreme scenes, I realized the slightly chubbiness of the actress or maybe the so-called actress.
Do you see what I saw?

However there are certain scenes are nice

Like this
How creative a Guy can be
And see, this is the hot Hunk kay!

Or this
Their dance moves are stunning at times too!
Too bad I don't know how to dance like them

And especially the last part
this is the Best!
How innovation can be the OHm for their success!

Superbly stunning!

To those have not watch this movie

You can check out the trailer here

I would rate it 3.5/5
but I am dead sure
to those dancers out there, you will give it a 5/5!

The choice is yours 


  1. hahah... i would rate it 4/5 coz the storyline is a bit not that interesting... too predictable i guess?? but then i have to give credits to their dance move!! LoL it is good!

  2. @ Dennis Ong :
    Same here but still not good enough

  3. hmmm, isn't it a bit too much of 3D promoting~~~

    i havent watched,plan to download..hahaha

  4. @ Xjion89 :
    Maybe...but not worth the money also

  5. i super like this movie.. i will give it 5 stars if 5 stars are full stars

  6. @ P~rincess :
    wah very high ranking!


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