Aug 23, 2010

Eat, Laugh & Cheese

It has been long time since my photos are really UP to date
As for this batch, it is like one and half month ago, when I was still UNEMPLOYED

Remembered the last time I visited Pasta Zanmai in Gardens after Hannah Tan Charity Concert?
Seriously I fell for it, and I gave it 5/5 rating on the Soft shell crab pasta

This tiMe round, I had this Beef pizza, though I am not quite sure what it is called
But it tastes AWESOME, apart from the overly fat on the beef chunk
It is quite filling as well and since it is in the Meal set, I would say the price is pretty reasonable too
Rating : 4/5

Thanks to Mr Barney here for the treat nevertheless
Oops...spotted the extra*close eyes*

Last but not least
a Camwhore pica 
Nice to Meet chaaaa, Mr Barney
Happy Burfday to you!!


  1. Great shots! The pizaa looks really good.

  2. HitoMi,

    Did you graduate along the way and not tell us?

    Unemployed? Where and for whom do work for now? This is getting confusing....

    At least there is a photo of the lovely HitoMi with her charming smile!


  3. @ chris Federick :
    heee, my pleasure ^^

    @ David :
    yeap! Just got my result and now working in PR company. Thinking of changing job soon.

  4. omg u both know each other. :O

  5. @ angelkein :
    Haha, the world is so small!! how u know him?

  6. suddenly feel like licking the screen due to the pizza =P

  7. @ kian fai : dirty leh ur screen

  8. part of cleaning service of my screen, seldom clean it =X

  9. @ kianfai :
    Ewww that is grosss


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