Aug 24, 2010

ADD ON : Sony TX5 My water Moment

It was great to skip work and have fun!
bleeee...I know I know, don't give me lecture on that
In case you missed the fun, check out my previous Sony TX5 post here!

I think you know who is this man here since he is so famous lol
Or if you still have no idea, he is the Advertlets big guy, Josh Lim

I forgot that this event involves both Nuffnang and Advertlets people, and so, I was kind of uncertain when I saw two different clan of people at the registration booth
But fear no more, as I met them - Suresh on my left and Baboon on my right
We are all posersssss

This is Amelia, knew her from Advertlets and subsequently found out that she is Jeremy's aiya sister hehehe...another Bubbly girl in town

Oopsie, I forgot what is her name now.... Can someone help me here?

As usual, Josh Lim posed with the pretties

I am fair enough, since the guys have eye candies, the ladies got hot hunks too :)
See, HUNKSss!
Baboon HUNK

And more HUNKS 
See the Gan Jiong face of the Advertlets team that managed to get into final 
*slap forehead*
Forgot to photoshop the pimples

It was FUN, FUN and FUN
Jeremy on the Jump
Don't believe me still?

DOn't care lah...toMorrow I am going to watch Step up 3D 
*happy mode*


  1. hahaha i believe sure damn nice when A & N meet up 2gether XD

  2. HitoMi,

    You are the only celebrity I recognize in any of the photos.

    UR also one the pretties! ;-)


  3. @ Feeq :
    I wonder wanna try first??

    @ David :
    I am just a normal person, not celebrity yet ^^


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