Jul 17, 2010

Of name cards, liquors & scissors

The titles say it all.
If you are one kind of the genius, I bet you sure know what is this event is all about.

You can drop your name cards here, if you want. But of course, it is a courtesy to do so.

*hold my breath*
This is the favorite part of all. You can have free liquor, anything, just name your choice.

Ahhh, last but not least the scissors...
This is the most obvious hint ever
If you can't get it right, then that is too bad
*shake head*
So Name your guesses right now!


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  2. @ chris_lim :
    it is an open ceremoney :)

    @ CM :
    Sent you the mail ^^

  3. I was just about to write opening ceremony! niceeeee :D

  4. @ Carson Heng :
    LONG TIME NO SEE wei.....


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