Jul 13, 2010

Making of Peanut biscuits

We love Chinese New Year, don't we?
It is the moment of Joy, Prosperity and Fun
It is the moment where we appreciates the tradition of Chinese New Year
Of house visiting, of firecrackers and fireworks, of praying

Behind the yummy cookies you are having, have you ever thought of how much time and effort it would be required to produce each tiny little piece you are devouring?

Look at the peanut skin on the floor, every single peanut skin have to be removed while the peanuts are hot

This is just one of the tedious steps behind the making of peanut biscuits.

But of all the biscuits, this is my mom's favorite. 
In fact all of us are so peanutish in a way lol..
That is why 
Don't ever waste food 


  1. HitoMi,

    Most fascinating!

    Peanuts are so yummy in so many ways.

    There is nothing like the biscuit you are describing here.

    Sadness in not being able to enjoy such a treat!

    Have great week!


  2. @ David :
    Totally agreed with you. of all the peanuts, I love the one we used to eat with chinese tea or beer ^^

  3. The nail color caught my eyes! :)


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