Jul 3, 2010

Jom Nasi Lemak?

Of all the food in Malaysia, I love Nasi Lemak the most
Gimme nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch and dinner
I won't get fed up, NEVER!!
Provided I got yummy sambal, and Better still, chicken?

This nasi lemak is from Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa
Brian & I went all the way to Kampung Baru for it but it SUCKS
Rating : 4/10
Even the nasi lemak at my place is BETTER than that

*tummy growling*
OMG, I need to stop looking!!


  1. like it too~

    but not good for health, cannot eat it everyday~ huhhuhu

  2. i never tried the nasi lemak from nasi lemak antarabangsa but thanks to ur review... i'm gonna step my foot into that place! waka waka eh eh! XD

  3. @ Huda :
    true, especially it is high calories and cholestrol!!

    @henry lee :
    haha, go ahead!!

  4. ah! i miss nasi lemak so much dat all nasi lemak taste good!

  5. @ nigel Sim :
    You are still in London??

  6. I miss the bona fide nasi lemak. Ini baru authentic!

  7. @ biopolymath :
    bona fide?


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