Jul 20, 2010

JoaChim, the young Photographer

The world is changing so rapidly and now even a small kid owns a DSLR

Maybe you are complaining "I wish I have a DSLR now, cause my digicam sucks!" or "I wanna get one too because the pictures are way better"
Come to think of it, it might be just a WISH after all, unless you are seriously investing your good hold of 2k or above Cash into it.

Even though you have one now, it is highly possible you seem to lose the level of Enthusiasm you used to have, just like Me here

Okay, it is tiMe to pick it up again.
I am going to Jason Derulo event toMorrow!!
Hope I can get some nice pictures


  1. HitoMi,

    Lost your enthusiasm for your camera?

    Perhaps needing success passing exams used time otherwise used for photography.

    Choices my dear young friend!

    Photo opportunities are every where, and you are fortunate to also have many pretty friends who are willing and able models!

    I look forward to your next photo shoot.


  2. sometimes, it is nt easy to maintain ur interst into sumthing~~~
    hahaha, like blogging, i think last timei blog everyday, nw, once a week(^^)

  3. HitoMi,

    I just viewed the photos of HOtoMi @

    Beautiful is the only word to describe you in those photos!!!!!!!!


  4. Keke. I got a semi-pro cam few months ago, until now, my photos still sucks max. >.<

    Previous cam was Canon digicam.

  5. HitoMi,

    I looked at you photos at Charis's site, and you look so kawaii and pretty.

    I hope that soon your enthusiasm for photography will resurface.


  6. @ David :
    Indeed, it has been long time since I have used my camera for something great. Thanks for the sweet compliment :)

    @xjion89 :
    true true...now I also slow down my blogging speed

    @ rolling fumbling thug :
    Never mind, you can train yourself as you shoot more

  7. yea. agree. even kids own DSLRs nowadays. lol

    i'm comfortable wiv compact cams for d time being. nt so interested wiv dslr & lenses unless I've nothing to do after earning big fortune =p at least i noe dslr ppl like u & co.

  8. @ jayleo :
    that is good to hear. So long you are comfortable with your own camera, it will just work fine ^^

  9. I shot all my photos wit a compact. My opinion, owning a DSLR doesn't make u a Photographer. It's just made u into a Camera Owner. :)

    Image quality isn't always important in photography, composition is more important.

  10. @ philippecr :
    Composition, technique is important ^^ and as you become more technical, a digicam might be insufficient

  11. my 400D is sick... made me lost a bit enthusiasm as well..
    whenever ppl ask me teach me d tricks.. i feel like stupid guy.. haiz... now waitin for miracles to come. hahaa

  12. @ engtaukia :
    OMG, what happen to it?? Sharing is caring wo..why you feel stupid?


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