Jul 9, 2010

Clinique Star Tour 2010

In case you missed the Clinique Star Tour 2010 in Pavilion last Sunday

Worry no more, there are still lists of locations that you might drop by ^^

Clinique, clinique and MOre clinique
This is the product booth where you can see all the products, well tagged with product names and prices
Have to say their prices are pretty reasonable too for 100% fragrance free and skin friendly characteristics.

They have consultants to assist you too should you are interested to purchase their products.
Seriously I am intrigued but I am financially constrained

Even the lip gloss is superbly alluring, OMG
*close my eyes and refraining from peeping*

Hello everybody, meet Ms Waiyan, the pretty and petite lady in house
Obviously this is 
| Before makeover |

let's see how the makeover changes her shall we?
All the more prettier kan?

8 make up artists on truck, ready to turn you into a DAZZLING face
I want that set of brushes, it is super smooth!!

Clinique brought in their own hairdressers as well but it seemed to me that the manpower and space restriction are the problems

The only thing you gotta do is WAIT and be PATIENT

All these comes with a purchase of voucher of RM30, and it is definitely worth the price
Check out more details here!!

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  1. HitoMi,

    I look forward to seeing Ms Waiyan's makeover.

    It is unfortunate you could not trade some of your photo skills for a makeover. :-(

    Have a greak weekend!


  2. @ David :
    I have shown her before and after makeover photos ^^ in fact, not much difference though

  3. is just too early for me to go down... LoL

    and yea.. i was going to say that not much different of that before n after photos... mayb she just dun need one eh? =)

  4. @ thinKe :
    Hehe, no problem. it was raining when I was there. Sad case lo...

    She is too pretty to even need the makeover ^^


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