Jul 30, 2010

Random Catch in Jason Derulo Showcase

Gimme the green light, Maybe just One night
Are you ready to go right now?
* Humming the superbly relevant song *

Look at the frenzy fans here!!
We want JD, We want JD

JJ & Ean said JD can't hear you~~
And the crowds went crazier

it was hectic, not to mention super Noisy as well, with all the shrieks and cheers
And HERE comes the Star of the night
I'm feeling like a star, you can't stop my shine, I'm loving cloud nine, my head's in the sky,
I'm solo, I'm riding solo, I'm riding solo, I'm ridin solo, sooloooo.
Check out his firm muscles & thick lips
Remember his Half Nude?
His lips should be pretty kissable and juicy :p
Dont cha think so?

More photos of Jason Derulo will be Posted in http://hitomiphotography.blogspot.com soon

Big thank you to Hitz Dot FM & Elwyn for the tickets!!

Jul 27, 2010

Strip it off Jason Derulo

I love you more than you ever know
and on top of all
I know you want me

Just tell me babe and I shall go on my knees
For I can't bear to lose you anymore
That it for sure

I told you once and I told you twice
"I love you"
and that will never change

Don't you agree that Jason Derulo is superbly sensational?
I simply love his Watcha say, In my head, and Riding solo

You just can't stop humming lines of his songs

In my head, I see you all over me.
In my head, you fulfill my fantasy.
In my head, you'll be screaming no.
In my head, it's going down.
In my head, it's going down.
In my head.

On top of all, he has super nice body!!
Girls, do you like what you see??
Are you fantasizing now??
If you aren't, you might not be straight :p

Next up : SPOT yourself in Jason Derulo's Showcase

Jul 24, 2010

Transformer Mode [On] Mr Jason Derulo

As promised, More Jason Derulo.
In fact, I have several batches. Do you want them still?

Ladies, are you ready?
Transformer Mode is [ON]

Gweeee kwee Gweee
Superb cool dance moves by Mr Transformer JD

*Shade off*
360 Degree transformation
Wonder what he would change into?
a little hint : it relates to the word "spoilt"

Jason Derulo Showcase Snippet

To the FANS of Mr Jason Derulo
He was HERE in Malaysia on 21st July 2010 for a Showcase in Dragonfly, which is located in Jalan Kia Peng.

In case you miss it, fret no more, I have more stocks to show you
Stay tuNed 

Jul 20, 2010

JoaChim, the young Photographer

The world is changing so rapidly and now even a small kid owns a DSLR

Maybe you are complaining "I wish I have a DSLR now, cause my digicam sucks!" or "I wanna get one too because the pictures are way better"
Come to think of it, it might be just a WISH after all, unless you are seriously investing your good hold of 2k or above Cash into it.

Even though you have one now, it is highly possible you seem to lose the level of Enthusiasm you used to have, just like Me here

Okay, it is tiMe to pick it up again.
I am going to Jason Derulo event toMorrow!!
Hope I can get some nice pictures

Jul 17, 2010

Of name cards, liquors & scissors

The titles say it all.
If you are one kind of the genius, I bet you sure know what is this event is all about.

You can drop your name cards here, if you want. But of course, it is a courtesy to do so.

*hold my breath*
This is the favorite part of all. You can have free liquor, anything, just name your choice.

Ahhh, last but not least the scissors...
This is the most obvious hint ever
If you can't get it right, then that is too bad
*shake head*
So Name your guesses right now!

Jul 13, 2010

Making of Peanut biscuits

We love Chinese New Year, don't we?
It is the moment of Joy, Prosperity and Fun
It is the moment where we appreciates the tradition of Chinese New Year
Of house visiting, of firecrackers and fireworks, of praying

Behind the yummy cookies you are having, have you ever thought of how much time and effort it would be required to produce each tiny little piece you are devouring?

Look at the peanut skin on the floor, every single peanut skin have to be removed while the peanuts are hot

This is just one of the tedious steps behind the making of peanut biscuits.

But of all the biscuits, this is my mom's favorite. 
In fact all of us are so peanutish in a way lol..
That is why 
Don't ever waste food 

Jul 9, 2010

Clinique Star Tour 2010

In case you missed the Clinique Star Tour 2010 in Pavilion last Sunday

Worry no more, there are still lists of locations that you might drop by ^^

Clinique, clinique and MOre clinique
This is the product booth where you can see all the products, well tagged with product names and prices
Have to say their prices are pretty reasonable too for 100% fragrance free and skin friendly characteristics.

They have consultants to assist you too should you are interested to purchase their products.
Seriously I am intrigued but I am financially constrained

Even the lip gloss is superbly alluring, OMG
*close my eyes and refraining from peeping*

Hello everybody, meet Ms Waiyan, the pretty and petite lady in house
Obviously this is 
| Before makeover |

let's see how the makeover changes her shall we?
All the more prettier kan?

8 make up artists on truck, ready to turn you into a DAZZLING face
I want that set of brushes, it is super smooth!!

Clinique brought in their own hairdressers as well but it seemed to me that the manpower and space restriction are the problems

The only thing you gotta do is WAIT and be PATIENT

All these comes with a purchase of voucher of RM30, and it is definitely worth the price
Check out more details here!!

This post is proudly presented to you by MyC! and Feeqsays Network

Jul 5, 2010

KinKy for Birthday eve?

Nah, nothing Kinky right?
The three pretty ladies here were my date of the night and we had TONNES of fun
seriously I was bewildered!!
COuld you just believe what you hear? 
Parents bringing their children to club?

This is when I am sober
Oh yea, here is my pretty lady, Louise, with the height of a model and sexy Voice

But this is when I am not
I was like WTF Bacardi also can get me drunk so fast. 
I just can't believe it!!

Thanks to Nicholas to bring us for the Choons Award and we, GIRLS, get free flows of BEERS, or BACARDI whole night!!
Woot, My body just cheered as I mentioned FREE FLOW
SO much craving for alcohol...

You know what?
Camwhore is a Must for GIRLS.
And here we were in the toilet of Poppy
They were not sober at all. In fact we were NOT AT ALL.
Just that Imma the best photographer here LOL

I bumped into some familiar faces in the clubs but most of the time I was too occupied with the aftermath of alcohol.
Tipsy after tipsy, but not quite enjoying myself as I had to drive myself back, not to mention the pretty Louise here, before my her boyfriend crushed me for not taking good care of her.

Good night Mr Andy 
*not quite sure his name though LOL*
What does that suppose to mean? Seriously I don't know he even did a face like that!!
And that concludes my birthday eve!

What happened the next day then?
My tummy was not that GOod when I woke up but it felt better after my breakfast bought by my Mom *sweet* before I headed to meet my bunch of good friends in Mid Valley.

Wish the next birthday would be even BETTER!!

Jul 3, 2010

Jom Nasi Lemak?

Of all the food in Malaysia, I love Nasi Lemak the most
Gimme nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch and dinner
I won't get fed up, NEVER!!
Provided I got yummy sambal, and Better still, chicken?

This nasi lemak is from Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa
Brian & I went all the way to Kampung Baru for it but it SUCKS
Rating : 4/10
Even the nasi lemak at my place is BETTER than that

*tummy growling*
OMG, I need to stop looking!!

Jul 1, 2010

Warmest Birthday ever

What else could a grandmother can ever wish for than celebrating her birthday with her sons and daughters, and in this particular pictures, the grandchildren?

And it is not one or two but THREE!!

She is totally enjoying herself, like SERIOUSLY

Birthdays are AWESOME if you have the right Companies with you
There are few birthday posts in my blog that you might be interested with
#1 Maa birthday,
#2 triSha babe
#3 Chee yong

my 22nd birthday is the BEST ever!!
Not as spectacular but just Nice

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