Jun 1, 2010

RoCky way to ACCA

The road would never be easy
We all know this down right in our hearts, but again, we still hope for the easier way through.

There is No other way, but to work hard for now and pray for the luck.
At least that is what I could do for now.
Associated Certified Chartered Accountant is harder than I expected, and for the second time in my life, I failed, not one but two in a roll.

I guess that says it all.


  1. All the best in this coming exam.

  2. nice capture. sweet photographer. :)

  3. hey raafikx!! you are my sweet commentor then :p

  4. HitoMi,

    Review and study more.

    If passing the ACA exam is your goal, then put as much energy as you can into passing. Find a tutor if you need extra help.

    As long as this is your goal and your dream you will succeed!


  5. David, will do :) need to be more strategized this time

  6. all the best to you too! ^^
    lets focus!!!

  7. @ baboon tan :
    you still haven tell me what papers you taking


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