Jun 11, 2010

Let's Go Chilis

I am still starving and I am not going to grab my brunch first
Imma have a super long dream and it is all started with a swimming pool thingy I am planning for next week!!

Let's go Burgerlicious today ^^
Peppercorn BurGer
It looks nice but don't really taste nice. In fact, it is not as juicy and make every munch so dry.
Rating: 4/10

Mushroom Swiss
The last tiMe I had it in BSC, it was way nicer...I wonder why, maybe it is because of the Chef
NOt as juicy and I wish they gimme more Sauce at the first place. 
It is not that oily, and just how I like it
Rating: 7/10

This oNe is worse, simply because it is the Driest of all!!
The beef patty is the saMe - grilled, and lack juiciness
but well assured, it is definitely tuMmy filling to the Max
Rating: 5/10

A non so Burgerlicious dish
it is the Firecracker fillet 
Never heard of the naMe and never have a chance to taste it.
I still love fish fillet in Fish&Co, that is the best fillet I have ever had!!
Rating: N/A

Hahah, I know you are HUNGRY Right now!!
Imma Evil 


  1. nyum2..luvvv it....peep my latest here Check it Out!

  2. yeah i am hungry right now >.<

  3. @ lukey cher hong :

    @ suhaisweet :

  4. Omg, the burger looks so good...

  5. saya nak juga XD

  6. @ jfook :
    hehe, ada tengok description tak??

    @ feeQ :
    you had more food than me wooo

  7. when r u updating ur blog? i really cant tahan see the same post everyday! especially when im damn hungry like now... so please update ur post to something non food related one ok? buahahahaha!

    The CleverMunkey

  8. @ henry Lee :
    paiseh lah...u know me exam period mah!!

  9. I want Cheese Burger. But usually I go to Chili's I'll order Southwest Chicken Salad because got avocado dressing slurp..

  10. @ simon seow :
    I see...avocado dressing. I dun really try before, is it really that nice?

  11. Oh god, perfect life here

    1. Nowadays I don't bother to go Chilis lol!


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