Jun 23, 2010

Last Class Gathering?

Finally everything is settled down.
Well in terms of studies, yea, like "FINALLY~~"
but in terms of my future, it is like "ermmm..." and *cross fingers*

I have so many TO-DO things in my list
Please distract me, seriously.

Oh yea, back to the great time we had in Chilis, KLCC
It was the biggest gathering of my class ever!!

thanks to Cheow Ling
Our class representative for 2years of hard work and dealing with the naughty monkeys like us and not to forget, for organizing this, maybe the last, class gathering

let's see who has turned up and made this gathering a success

Don't you think his fb username is so girlie? *please say yessss*

She has the sweetest smile ever but she looked darn emo in this pic

the Girl whoM just went to London to have a 3months summer course
How I wish I could go overseas too!!

So muCh thinking to do even he is supposed to enjoy the fine dining

another Getting poison for touching My DSLR

all the Girls :p
Saw anyone you are interested in? Tell me, I give you their contacts LOL

One last pic before we were going back
I am totally a disaster man...lack of sleep, lack of time for make up and stuffs. So please excuse me

*evil Grin*

Next up will be sNippets
Woot, sexy lips


Future Stock Analyst
He just have the super business man look, disguised as a student LOL

Katrine :" So tired man..I need some sleep"

Katrine : "OOi, stop it!!"

I admit I am bad
like a Bad ass
Enjoying posting up the so-not-presentable photos all the time

Hee, One more left :p but this is not too bad, am i right?

Oh yea, I had the weirdest mixture of free flow ever
tried before TOmaTO & pineapple?
The good thing is You get to taste both
the trick is dun mix it - first drink the tomato then the pineapple
it tastes bit funny but it is yuMmy to me
I kinda like it

not forgetting the tiny little souvenirs Chin Chong has brought for all of us
Cute dragonfly keychains, handmade but not by him
Thanks anyway!!

hope this is not the last gathering for all of us
*pray hard and make it happen*


  1. i didnt see u in any self portrait photo... only in the group photo :p

  2. HitoMi,

    Looks like all of you shared a great time.

    BTW, you should ask Katrine to be a model for you. She has a very pretty face and smile!

    Please pass all your finals with EXCELLENT grades!

    Praying for your success!


    Reputation is character minus what you've been caught doing.

    -- Author Unknown

  3. @ henry Lee :
    coz me not in the condition

    @ David :
    I have been thinking about that as well ^^

  4. lol.. i wan all of their contact... can ar?

    good luck to all of you!! =)

  5. @ thinke :
    that is too greedy and I cant give you all also

  6. @ baboon tan :
    yepp...all ur seniors


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