Jun 30, 2010

it is My Birthday

Thanks for the Loves from you, you and You!!

Seriously if you think my mind must have gone wrong for traveling all the way to The Gardens, and not to forget, getting stuck in the jam just for a LUNCH after a busy Night in Poppy
Do ask yourself, would you give up such a Nice coincidence of all things to be happening in one time?

I would like to thank all the good friends of Mine for coming.
Maaaa BFF
I am glad she is FREE for me *teeheee* Just so you know she is the Super BUSY girl in town man!!

Mr Kari
Hehee, don't you think I am just a mean girl?
LOL, if you are the same too, I am sure you know why I named him that way
He is currently in summer holiday in Malaysia.
HOw envious am I because this Mr Kari studies in United Kingdom

Mr Latey
He is always late, and let's see, I guess all 3 of us waited for him for like nearly an hour?
Just the nice nick right :p

Okie, you must be hungry because we were dining in TGIF, The Gardens

Lotsa nice nice food, you only can see but cannot eat
Not my pick, but Gary's.
Personally I don't like the drink itself but This Mojito tastes way better than the One in Friendscino
Rating : 5/10

Something sour but appetizing for the Next
Rating : 7/10

Wahahaha, the one of the most expensive dish in TGIF
I simply love the Jack Daniel dishes served.
Juicy, and tenderly grilled.
I always wanted to try the beef or lamb but no chance :(
Rating : 9/10

Yum yum, Me starts to love Pasta so much as there are so many varieties
Nevertheless, Carbonara is Maaaa favorite.
The gravy tastes good though. Just the pasta slightly softer to my liking.
Rating : 7/10

Ahh, this one, I am not quite sure what it is
the chicken is too dry but the pasta is super Cheesy yet not as creamy as I have expected
Rating : 6/10

Are you wondering how BAD looking am I after Hitting club in the Wee hours?
Jeng jeng jeng
Put on some concealer and mascara so you can't really judge but I know my hair super messy looking and wtf my lips are not healing yet =.=

Okie, hopefully it will be before this Sunday cause I am heading to Clinique Star Tour in Pavilion!! 
Anyone wanna tag along?

Before I end this post, there are More pictures, which I find them pretty HILARIOUS lol
The lovey Dovey?

YOU, yes You!!
That is so KARI style seriously

*cough cough*
Okay, it is officially the End here.
Hope I can get pictures for my hit-the-club night soon and fret not, I shall blog about it then


  1. HitoMi,

    Happy Birthday!

    The chocolate cake looks so good!

    You look so good!

    Happy to read you and your friends had a great evening!

    Do take many photos when u visit Clinque.


  2. @ David :
    the cake is quite dry and it seems to be a chocolate moist but not quite LOL

    Thanks!! sure I will take lotsa pictures in Clinique ^^

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Hitomi darling! ^^ ♥ May all your wishes come true and may you be happy, healthy and beautiful forever~ :D

  4. @ erica toh :
    hello babe, thanks for the wish ^^ You too my dear


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