Jun 4, 2010

Hennessy Artistry 2010 @ Zouk

I missed going Hennessy Artistry
mainly because of Hennessy itself as well as the Mixtures they have
Guess what, they have something I didn't notice like Berry, Citrus
Maybe because it has been a year since my last HA event

Okeee, I have waited for a year for this. 
HOw could i Possibly Miss this?
Here am I with Jloi the Kamen riderr

Too bad my kit lens was sent to fix and yet to be redeemed, so I have to resorted to 35-105mm lens
And meaning to say no more Self shoot pictures this time

I was super late for the media meet up, so no Group pixx with Joe flizzow, Sona One, suMmer daniel, DJ Tempo and many Many other bloggers I have been knowing them since I-don't-know-when

Nevertheless, thanks to my Driver
As well as my hair stylist for the Night

We were late because Louise got stuCked and she kept my VIP tickets

But at least we were on tiMe for the artists
Do excuse me because I do not really sure what is their names and it is bad to wrongly name, is it not?

And Here was our pretty emCee for the night
Totally demure and adorable

The ground was Hyped and everybody started swaying to the music

I am sure everybody was enjoying themselves to the max
Just look at the emCee, haha, that expression, totally PRICELESS

Things go slightly GAGA too, even on stage!!
emCee appearingly so Ecstatic that she don't even know how misleading could this be LOL

And don't ever forget the man behind the stage
Poor DJ, we shall not forget you from now on

Not much pictures from me this time, owing to the limited time I had and, most importantly
I just need to have fun!!
Something that just can't be found captured in camera, like it Once did!!

If you don't behave, this Hunter is gonna get you

Another poor chap, he was on duty 
while Me having fun!!

RoCk it babe, see you in next Hennessy Artistry!!


  1. Love the expressions of the emcee n DJ^^

  2. HitoMi,

    A different look for you with your hair pulled back!

    EmCee is indeed adorable!


  3. aH! your post makes me go crazy! I am attracted to HA! when is my turn to go? =P

  4. @ glow :
    hehe, me love too :p

    @ david :
    yea, indeed, way mature

    @ baboon tan :
    Oops, forgot to ask you tim

  5. HitoMi,

    I would say you looked more sophisticated!


  6. @ david :
    Thanks!! credit to my hairstylist

  7. Waiting for my turn to go to a happening in KL! When I return for a while.

  8. @ biopolymath:
    return from where?


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