Jun 25, 2010

FriendsCino FoOd Review

Woot, imma finally here for the first time!!
I missed the crocs launch earlier on but this time, courtesy of Advertlets & Feeq, here am I for the food review.

It was kinda rush all the way from Shah Alam, the jam *ughhh* was totally nerve breaking.
Anyway, it is worth the travel.

Dining in such a Cosy place is just the thing I wanted most
Especially after a whole day of work, and you DREAD for some alcohol

Frames after frames, totally match with the red background. 
In fact it is warm overall. 
See how enjoyable Yasmine & feeq?

Oh , they have some real antique photos of Marilyn Monroe 
*am I getting the name right?*

Or if you are a big fan of Pooling
Here you go, just the right thing for your craving. 

Besides you can watch FIFA world cup right here, *deep breath*, that is what LIFE suppose to mean.

Let's see who are the POsersss
haha, sincerely Yours, and Feeq.

Jeremy, Me, Waiyan, anGelkein & Feeq

Fish eye ROCKS!! see how many people is IN THE FRAME??

Without further ado, here Comes the food
here is the Lemon MOjito, FOC just for Girls from 7.30pm to 8.30pm
It tastes weird, and not really what I like.
In fact, the cookies shake is pretty awesoMe...too bad I have no picture of it.

HOW asian can it be lol
It is good but the price is 3times your mee Mamak at mamak stall, RM 12
Guess that differentiates fine dining and hawker stalls eh?

yummylicious to the Max!!
I never love mushroom soup that much until I tried this.
Totally creamy and full of gravy for the price of RM16
*finger licking good*
We even chewed off the whole bread lol

Another must try dish.
You can see how huge the prawns and mussels are.
Really worth the price, RM 16, and I love it!!

NOt too bad but not as good as Gardens's.
It is kinda bland and it costs RM16.

There are more dishes but I only managed to snap all these due to my battery died =.=
Okay, next time must charge my battery before I was out!!

In the meanwhile you can proceed to Feeq's DOT COM to have a look at the whole set of dishes served.

hitoMi signing off now to prepare for my interview at 3pm 


  1. HitoMi,

    All that food looks yummy!

    You got Ms. Monroe's name right.

    FIFA , world cup? I did hear something about team U.S.A. beating Algeria.

    To busy following the Detroit Tigers.

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Study, study and PASS those finals!


  2. @ David :
    I am not such a fan of football. so yea, I am not sure the latest results or matches :p

    No more studies for now. Just wait for results and get a job

  3. HioMi,

    Who and where do you hope to be working for?

    Looking forward to your adventures as you venture into the working world.


  4. err... is the mushroom soup in the bread??? or my eyes is playing games with me?? WoW~ must go n try it someday...

  5. @ David :
    Who and where is not quite the exact questions that I can answer right now >.<

    @ thinke :
    You are not having some sort of imagination! it is real!!


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