Jun 20, 2010

4sQuare Meet up

Ever heard of 4sQuare?
it is neither sQuare nor mc sQuare
but a Interactive software which enables the users to spread their latest whereabouts, especially useful in events, or meetup
who knows you might bump into another users right away?

Sounds intriguing? I must say it is.
I was New to 4sQuare but I have already earned a Swarm badge!!
Simply because we had 50++ users login at TuNe hotel on the same day

Let's see whom I have met straight after my P3 Business Analysis paper in Tunku Abdul Rahman College
From the left, me, angelkein, JaSon Ong *so cute looking ever*, YasMine *wondering which hot guys she was looking at* and Bryan *another cute fella whom got sick*
Nevertheless, we should give them a big round of applause for coming despite the sicknesses that bugged their lives!!

FeeQ, Rebecca, ThongKai, Azrin and some fresh faces whom I have no idea
We are the Crazy camwhoring Gang outside TuNe hotel, Kota Damansara

tHanks to Tune Hotel we were treated with most Filling dinner ever here
It is just located opposite TuNe hotel and I must say the food is Good 
And each of us got free vouchers for dining in too!!

Can't stop loving Foursquare & tune hotels more <3


  1. HitoMi,

    4sQuares have been around for almost a year.

    I am not joining. I keep a limited presence on Facebook, and have not updated Twitter in weeks.

    I just do not have time to waste to let the world know my every action. Then again if I told everyone what I am doing at any moment, and outbreak of sudden napping might occur.


  2. You can't be Titan if u still have Nuffnang ads. As for German Pork Knuckle, maybe u can try Bavarian Bierhaus or Stadt German

  3. @ David :
    Keeping limited presence on facebook? is it because of privacy?

    @ siMon Seow :
    Thanks for reminding..missing that. now got it solved!!


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