May 17, 2010

a Makeover is all WE need

It has been 5months since my last hair dye
now you see how the hair has turned out to be

Nerve crack that is it!!

HOw lucky am I, just when I need some trim, I have got it
When I need a new colour, and AGAIN, I have got it
Thanks to Toni and Guy for the hair makeover, now I have a VIOLET square layer :p

And the good things are FLOODING in right now..
Are you tired with your friend's  
super-moldy-till-you-can-die fashion style?
like Ugly betty?

always the same - t-shirt, shorts/jeans, and slippers?
*ignore the size please~~~*

Here is something BRAVO you can do for him or Her!!
Kitschen is organising a "Style my friend" Campaign right now
And what you need to is take a picture of your friend and write the reason why you think Kitschen should style your friend in less than 50 words and email to

Most intriguing thing of all, if your friend won it, he or she will be featured in an up coming  
Ifeel magazine,keep their Kitschen outfits
both of you Get RM500 worth of VOUCHERS!!

See how much you could have done for him or Her?
Let's turn the UGLY BETTY into PRETTY BETTY shall we?

For more information, kindly refer to here


  1. HitoMi,

    Lovely new color, (colour)!

    What is your natural hair color?

    Photo 2 & 3 are so cute.

    I always enjoy photos like #3 where your pretty smile shows so well, and your bangs bring out your lovely eyes!

    Have a great week!


  2. fISH eYE??

    LoL... only applies to women eh the comp? or both? =p

  3. @ David :
    Dark dark brown is my natural color. Thanks!! my eyes are smaller when I smile :p

    @ thinKe :
    it is open to ladies and gentlemen

  4. "It has been 5months since my last hair dye "

    7 years for me! :(

  5. @ henry Yong :
    hehe, i dun think you need oNe?

  6. Every time I see hair dye at supermarket aisle, meaning to pick it up but never do it. One day will do it.

  7. @ henry yong :
    If you are in KL, i can arrange a free session for you!!


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