May 14, 2010

Kitschen Fashion Show

Fashion weeks have finally ended last weekend.
It was my third time shooting fashion show again, and I felt I am just not good enough.

I was running an errand, being entrusted to shoot this time.
Hopefully it will not disappoint my trustee.

Without further ado, here Goes 
the first batch in The Curve on 8 May 2010
It is the confidence that flows through the picture - I like her and her pose

Catchy story behind the scenes - Scandalous!!

Nice strut with a Smirk, again it is the Confidence that matters.

Next up will be 
the second batch in One Utama on 9 May 2010
I would happily sealed my mouth and let the pictures do the talking shall we?

After all, it is all about Fashion, fashion, and Fashion
Something I would love to buy - BLACK Is my Favorite Colour!!

this is the look of "What are you looking at"

Owh poor guys, they are always tend to be left out during fashion shows.
Fashion is not all about Girls, it is about Guys too!!
Kitschen proves it right!!

A round of applause for all the hard work

I shall sign off now 


  1. HitoMi,

    As always you are your own harshest critic.

    Do not despair. You photographs here get better with each shot.

    Most of these photos a pro-quality.

    What could you do better? Look at the paid pros, and their published photos.

    Creative and controlled depth of field could help you isolate models with a great pose from background clutter, if there is a need.

    Your use of available lighting and composition however are very GOOD!

    Now where is the new improved HitoMi (aka HOTomi) photos?


  2. @ David :
    It is good to self criticize rather than let other people do the job, is it not?
    You are right about the depth of field, it should be isolating the models but I do not have the right equipment to do so.

  3. HitOmI,

    Must find a sponsor to get you an F2.0 or F1.8 telephoto.

    That aperture will help isolate your subject from most any background.


  4. @ David :
    Hardly there will be a sponsor. it costs few thousands here...say RM3000-5000, it would be like USD 1000-1700


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