May 2, 2010

It has been Red all these while

The title says it all.
Traffic d'light post is finally UP and it has been delayed like AGES?

First of all, I would like to thank FeeQ for bringing the whole bunch of bloggers for this food testing.
But seriously it is very messy and
this is the worst SALIVA SHARING session ever!!

Nevertheless there are some Yummylicious dishes
Milk butter prawn with rice
Rating : 8/10
Simply because prawns are my favorite and the gravy is AWESOME

Marmite chicken rice
Rating : 8/10
Lotsa sesameee, simply add some unique aroma to the dish itself. The design of the chicken is just the right size for kids to GRAB & RUN away

Salted egg pumpkin
Rating : 10/10
Eat it while it is SIZZLING HOT
It just melt in your mouth, so smooth and just the right taste

And there are some not really to my liking
POrk Pork
Rating : 5/10
Too fat for me and not salty enough

Black bean POrk rib
Rating : 5/10
It has been so long and now I kinda forgot how it tasted like

BLack pepper pork slice
Rating : 6/10
BLack pepper is not really my favorite as it is almost the same anywhere
But the pork slice is just the right level of fats

Stir fried homemade mee
Rating : 5/10
NOrmal and not remarkable.

Well, it is subjective, as always.
It might be appealing to you but not me
So you might wanna drop by if you are somewhere near PJ?
It is pretty near One utama, say 1km?

Do drop your comments if you have savored the said dishes ^^


  1. Nice nice...haha now only u free to post? weeeeeeeeeee

  2. Anonymous4:27 PM

    you just make me so hungry right now! lol seems so yummy.. arrghh

  3. @ feeQ :
    busy with exam and the streamyx is playing a big PRANK on me!!

    @ cellini.k :
    Hohoho, yes, must try the top 3 kay

  4. Milk butter prawn with rice

    This is the only thing I remembered there. It's very nice, especially the sauce =)

  5. AH!! i'm sooo hungry now.... =s

  6. @ ps :
    Owh, you been there before??

    @ thinKe :
    hahaha Good!!

  7. ya, been there before. Somewhere beside a dance studio, above a mamak stall and 99mart.

    If nvr remember wrongly, the pandan leaf chicken is not bad also..

  8. @ ps :
    haha, yes, exactly there!! i rmb that too

  9. Buttermilk prawn looks good!

  10. @ huai bin :
    yea, it is..maybe better than ur maggi *wink*

  11. HitoMi,

    All the food looks so YUMMY!

    And none of it can be found over here!


  12. @ David :
    Well, there are definitely something you have there but we don't have here ^^ So it compensates, is it not?

  13. Hungry nyerrrrrrr x(

  14. @ carson Heng :
    Wahhh, habis edi then only you come?

  15. bad timing bad timing ><
    worse timing is when I visit when I was hungry! =P


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