May 25, 2010

Happy birthday to triSha

We celebrate our birthday every year.
But it varies, depending on how you put it together.

this little sMelly here had a Good birthday Party

so lucky to have a Mommy whom put all these up just for her
So sweet~~

she don't seem to enjoy much

What an angry face from little sMelly

Apart from the Cute little mushroom Cake she had got she loves nothing
Look at her Mesmerizing expresion 

There are whole lot of kids coming over

Not to mention Mischievous as well

And this boy here fantasized about the balloon

Somehow I feel triSha's dad and Mason is so much like daddy & son here
Maybe because of the hair style LOL

Last but not least
A family portrait :)

My birthday is Coming soon too
One year older


  1. haha.. happy belated birthday cute girl =)

  2. @ kenwooi :
    Thank you on behalf of the smello

  3. HitoMi,

    Beautiful photos of triSha!

    Was this her second birthday?

    triSha appears fascinated by everything she looks at in your photos.

    While she may appear to love anything, she likely does, however her love is expressed at her level of sharing.

    Best wishes for triSha and her mommy and dad to have many more happy birthdays!


  4. @ david :
    Hee, thanks alot :p she is 2 now


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