May 12, 2010

Magic to My frizzy Hair

Remember this kay?
Just promise you would Cause it is going to be different by the end of this week.

By the way
I have a Good news to you!!
Toni and Guy has just launched their lines of products in Watson
Now you can grab their "Salon Exclusives"by just walking into One of the selected Watson outlets

Better still, now they have 50% discount for Tame-it-Serum
Instead of paying RM49.90, it is now RM29.90 (half the priceeee!! but only until 20th May 2010)

And guess what, this serum works Magic
From this

It becomes like this
It feels like Dejavu

What are you waiting for?
This double-silicones is just the Right thing for my Frizzy hair
Simply put on it before you blow dry your hair (or air dry, which I usually do)

And you can style your hair
With double EASE
Note: I messed my hair with wax :p 


  1. HitoMi,

    Frizzy hair, the bane of women with wavy hair!

    You are blessed with lovely, hair, give it the TLC is needs.

    I am looking forward to your next update!

    The new improved HitoMi - aka HOTomi will appear. ;-)


  2. @ David :
    LOL, no HOTOMI here

  3. LoL HoTomi... i like your background of your 3rd pic.. how u do it??

  4. @ thinke :
    You sure is 3rd or is it 4th pic?


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