May 25, 2010

Happy birthday to triSha

We celebrate our birthday every year.
But it varies, depending on how you put it together.

this little sMelly here had a Good birthday Party

so lucky to have a Mommy whom put all these up just for her
So sweet~~

she don't seem to enjoy much

What an angry face from little sMelly

Apart from the Cute little mushroom Cake she had got she loves nothing
Look at her Mesmerizing expresion 

There are whole lot of kids coming over

Not to mention Mischievous as well

And this boy here fantasized about the balloon

Somehow I feel triSha's dad and Mason is so much like daddy & son here
Maybe because of the hair style LOL

Last but not least
A family portrait :)

My birthday is Coming soon too
One year older

May 20, 2010

Here goes the Newly Wed

Congratulation to Suzanne & Jony for embarking into a brand new chapter of life

This particular photo reminds me of the song of Taylor Swift
Two is better than one

Wedding is hectic, ceremonious
But again, it is Once in a life time

we just want the best of all, ain't we?

it is the Moments of joy
Shared by many people

it Signifies the acknowledgment of this new title of Husband & Wife

Hereby I would wish the very best for both of them
it shall be Rest of your life

May 17, 2010

a Makeover is all WE need

It has been 5months since my last hair dye
now you see how the hair has turned out to be

Nerve crack that is it!!

HOw lucky am I, just when I need some trim, I have got it
When I need a new colour, and AGAIN, I have got it
Thanks to Toni and Guy for the hair makeover, now I have a VIOLET square layer :p

And the good things are FLOODING in right now..
Are you tired with your friend's  
super-moldy-till-you-can-die fashion style?
like Ugly betty?

always the same - t-shirt, shorts/jeans, and slippers?
*ignore the size please~~~*

Here is something BRAVO you can do for him or Her!!
Kitschen is organising a "Style my friend" Campaign right now
And what you need to is take a picture of your friend and write the reason why you think Kitschen should style your friend in less than 50 words and email to

Most intriguing thing of all, if your friend won it, he or she will be featured in an up coming  
Ifeel magazine,keep their Kitschen outfits
both of you Get RM500 worth of VOUCHERS!!

See how much you could have done for him or Her?
Let's turn the UGLY BETTY into PRETTY BETTY shall we?

For more information, kindly refer to here

May 14, 2010

Kitschen Fashion Show

Fashion weeks have finally ended last weekend.
It was my third time shooting fashion show again, and I felt I am just not good enough.

I was running an errand, being entrusted to shoot this time.
Hopefully it will not disappoint my trustee.

Without further ado, here Goes 
the first batch in The Curve on 8 May 2010
It is the confidence that flows through the picture - I like her and her pose

Catchy story behind the scenes - Scandalous!!

Nice strut with a Smirk, again it is the Confidence that matters.

Next up will be 
the second batch in One Utama on 9 May 2010
I would happily sealed my mouth and let the pictures do the talking shall we?

After all, it is all about Fashion, fashion, and Fashion
Something I would love to buy - BLACK Is my Favorite Colour!!

this is the look of "What are you looking at"

Owh poor guys, they are always tend to be left out during fashion shows.
Fashion is not all about Girls, it is about Guys too!!
Kitschen proves it right!!

A round of applause for all the hard work

I shall sign off now 

May 12, 2010

Magic to My frizzy Hair

Remember this kay?
Just promise you would Cause it is going to be different by the end of this week.

By the way
I have a Good news to you!!
Toni and Guy has just launched their lines of products in Watson
Now you can grab their "Salon Exclusives"by just walking into One of the selected Watson outlets

Better still, now they have 50% discount for Tame-it-Serum
Instead of paying RM49.90, it is now RM29.90 (half the priceeee!! but only until 20th May 2010)

And guess what, this serum works Magic
From this

It becomes like this
It feels like Dejavu

What are you waiting for?
This double-silicones is just the Right thing for my Frizzy hair
Simply put on it before you blow dry your hair (or air dry, which I usually do)

And you can style your hair
With double EASE
Note: I messed my hair with wax :p 

May 11, 2010

Hennessy Artistry "The Global Art of Mixing" is BACK!!

It is BACK
This time round it will be held in two locations:
QEII @ Penang on 27th May 2010 and Zouk KL on 29th May 2010
Owh, don't you think that is how considerate of them to have a party over there in Penang just for their fanss??

It never fail to IMPRESS
Be it the Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Citrus

Or the Hennessy Mixing Zone
Just before I forget, it is newly revamped and now you can have your very OWN EXPERIENCE of SPINNING at Hennessy Digital Light Art FX Booth, Hennessy Mix Master and Hennessy Mixing Bar

Or better still, the lineup of artists
JOe Flizzow & Sona One with their "throw-your-hands-up-in-the-air" hip-hop revolution

Ad Bangers the two top Malaysian DJs with their signature OMFG! and SUPERSONIC : Save The Last Dance

Summer Daniels and DJ Tempo with their very Own Electronic Anthem

Wanna be part of the BIGGEST PARTY in Malaysia?
If yes, just logon to to grab your passes to H-Artistry "The Global Art of Mixing"
If you want to relive the experience of past H-Artistry events or to receive updates on the upcoming party, kindly visit or follow H-artistry on twitter

Only for NON MUSLIM AGED 21years and above only
*no cheating will be permitted as ID verification is compulsory*

Party hard &Party Smart

See you there!!

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