Apr 23, 2010

HitoMistic Project 2010

HOla my fellow readers, here is a Good news for you.

For those guys and girls whom are interested to be model for my coming project (as stated)
here are the requirements I need you to fulfill.
*chill chill, it ain't going to be hard*

To be clear, it is a fashion project.
All you gotta do is Do a photo of yourself with your apparel(s), accessories and make up & hairdo  
(show me the best you can)

Make it something like this
Note : Apparels, accessories, make up and hair do

Most importantly is HOW you put FASHION TOGETHER
You need not be the most gorgeous person in the world, having the biggest eyes or sexiest body or lips
You need not

After you have done your photo(s), please email to me at ahyo88@hotmail.com, stating  
  • your name
  • your age
  • your contact
  • your height; and
  •  your theme
Photo has to be full body, but you need not to pose very nicely, just try your best 

And one more thing, it is a pro bono photoshoot
Meaning to say, there is no payment for me to shoot and no payment for you to model but OF COURSE, you can get your photos

Here are the themes I have thought of :
#1 Vintage
#2 Street style
#3 Sports
#4 Army

Hope to hear from you guys soon
Here goes the HitoMistic adventure


  1. no sample for guys? =P

  2. aawww.... too bad me no model... but i'm a kepoh... can i come too? I can be your "male-maid" for FREE!! *wink* just a lunch will do... LoL

  3. HitoMi,

    I look forward to seeing your recruits.

    Have you thought of American Southwest style? I have seen that style on some Japanese and Korean sites.

    Will we HOToMi in front of the lense modeling!

    Enjoy the weekend!


  4. @ kenwooi :
    Lol, hard to find examples wei haha...but then you surely can try.
    Submit ur entries!!

    @ thinke :
    Hee, mcd can ah LOL

    @ David :
    hopefully I can get some newbies. American Southwest style?

  5. aiya.. McD pun jadi lar... LoL
    anyway when is it ar?

  6. @ thinKe :
    too bad, you are working tmr lol

  7. aiks~ y on weekdays?? I know!! u purposely one... LoL

    anyway can't wait for the outcomes.. heheh

  8. @ thinKe :
    no no, the model is leaving this friday, so I have not much time left

  9. hahah.. just kidding... hope to see your masterpiece soon~~

  10. @ thinKe :
    dun think it is so much of a fashion photoshoot anyway lol


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