Apr 23, 2010

hitoMi is Back!!

After a Freaking long disconnection from the Cyber world
Imma back OFFICIALLY!!
Should I say a big "THANK YOU" to streamyx for being so "NICE" to me??

Good thing is that I can concentrate on my preparation for exams and not stalking the net.
Bad thing is I have abandoned my blogs 
A big SORRY to you guys
In case you have forgotten who is this blog owner, with the name of HitoMi
this is Me ^^

Remember, it is always hitoMi with her own hitoMism~~


  1. sincerely, i miss you so much

  2. HitOmi,

    Welcome Back ! ! !

    I trust the extra study time will help you ace all your exams!

    Very cute photo of you!

    We will be enjoying a coolish Saturday and Sunday, around 10-12C both days.

    Have a happy weekend!


  3. Whee~ u r back finally eh... after being MIA for sooo long... =p

    good to see u in action again... LoL

  4. @ cheekeong :

    @ David :
    hopefully it is well paid off... I can't bear to see the plunge of my CGPA again

    External exam is coming in June soon...sigh

    @ thinKe :
    Got forget how I look like bo??

    @ chris lim :
    thanks dude!!

  5. oh i tot the photo u post in your photoblog "envy" is u??? LoL

  6. Nice you Came back..
    really I miss you..

  7. @ thinKe :
    haha, I wish leh

    @ Neko :
    thanks dude ^^


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