Apr 3, 2010

Here we are @ Taman Botani, Putrajaya

Though I am born locally, I am totally nerdy about Putrajaya, Cyberjaya or what-so-jaya
Reason being there are located way way way further from my home. 
It is like north & south, east & west

But for this particular day, I have finally been to Putrajaya, for this photoshoot outing, organized by our Boss
Organiser cum Photographer

There were 9photographers & 5models, if I am not mistaken but I didn't get to shoot every one.
One of the photographer

Model #1

Model #2

Model #3

Model #4

It was a great day to shoot but the sky was not as crystal blue as expected.
Everybody was exhausted 
But I hope you enjoy the photos 

Of course, the great photos would be reserved for hitoMi's photography blog
~~~ Coming soon ~~~


  1. ooo pretty models! x)

  2. @ carson Heng :
    See leng lui only comment lah...sakit hati

  3. HitoMi,

    I am looking forward to seeing all the photos from this shoot!

    We are celebrating Easter Weekend here. A great weekend for contemplation and time with family!

    The smaller Christian population of Malaysia are celebrating over there, but I know they are a small portion of the populace.

    I trust you are having a GREAT weekend!


  4. if see leng cai only comment... then is scary~ LoL

  5. their d view is pretty..then match wif ppl lagi..perfect..wakaka

  6. No upclose shots of u?

  7. @ David :
    same to you too....I just wish my connection can get better by this week

    @ thiNke :
    hahah, true jugaaa...

    @ nikel khor:
    pandainya cakap :p

    @ kelvin :
    tarak tarak

  8. Have you try the seafood?

  9. no larr, so ngam got leng lui oni i see your blog mah xP ahahah!

  10. @ carson heng :
    Hahaha, where got so ngam lah


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