Apr 14, 2010

Village Park : Gimme more Sambal

I am glad I am Malaysian
nothing particular about the politics and stuffs
maybe slightly glad that we have no earthquakes or tornados

Most importantly
I love Malaysians' foods
Yep, you have heard me right!!

which Malaysians going overseas not finding themselves missing their favourite nasi lemak, roti canai, teh tarik, or chicken rice

Of all the food, this is My favourite

Gimme more sambal!!
I would be more like grateful to have the best sambal rather than having the big chunk of meats 
Excuse me for that, I have the fetish for more sambal

*ding ding*
Let me clarify this, this shop is not particularly attractive to me for their nasi lemak is still not as good as the nasi lemak stall in my house area's morning market
But for the sake of guessing

Do you know where is this place?


  1. no idea....

    i like nasi lemak too~ but can't take hot food... =X

  2. HitoMi,

    Please give me some Sambal!
    Looks so yummy!!

    I have no idea where that eatery is.

    Send the Google map link and when I visit Malaysia on some distant day I will know a good place to eat. Otherwise I will just follow the locals and look for the place with the longest line heading in.

    Enjoy the week and let us know how your studies are progressing!!!!!!


  3. I have no idea where is this.. but damn, I want that rendang..

  4. @ thinke :
    hey there, how is the templer park trip???

    @ David :
    Currently having serious connection problem that I cant online at all!!
    When you are coming to Malaysia just drop me a mail then I shall do you a to visit list ^^

    @ carson :
    itu rendang ayam lah

  5. @ carson heng :
    Oh yea, where do you stay ah? this place near one utama saja

  6. heheh.. templer park is good.. tho it rained in the morning... thus resulting leeches is everywhere...
    check it out here --> http://lifethroughmymagiclens.blogspot.com/2010/04/date-with-leeches.html


  7. yeah proud to be a malaysian because of the food! ♥

  8. @ thinke :
    Owh, that sounds terrible >.< I dun like leechesss

    @ sirei :

  9. didn't expect there's leeches... coz it rain that's y... =s

  10. @ thinKe :
    haha, goodness...luckily i din go


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