Mar 18, 2010

Prawn King Mee

Jeng jeng Jeng jeng~~~

this is the Ultimate Prawn King Mee that I just can't help to give triple thumbs up for it!!
You just have to try it, it is a Hakka shop, which is located at Jalan SS15/4D, near Asia Cafe & Inti college Subang Jaya.

Every slurp of soup is immersed with the Essence of the Prawn
And you can feel the Chewiness of the Prawn Meat
Everything is just Perfectly matched together.

Rating : 10/10!!
Gauge level : 10/10!! (I was darn full after that.)
Price : RM10-15 (Not quite sure)
I would say it is totally Value for moNey!!

What are you Waiting for???


  1. HitoMi,

    Does the Hakka shop deliver?

    Looks so goooooood!


    BTW-where are photos of the lovely HitoMi??

  2. u r right! it is the king of prawn! haha... i wonder if there's lobster noodle... haha~

  3. wow~ KING size prawn, LOL... =p

  4. waiting for u to "belanja"! =)

  5. BIG PRAWN!!!!
    chow time! onomnomnomnom~~~ :P

  6. @ DAvid :
    No idea haha... I did not ask either

    @ Henry Lee :
    haha, If only you are willing to pay for it??

    @ Cheng Ying :
    Yes wo...very very recommended!!

    @ Baboon tan :
    hahaha, I poor student wo

    @ aaron.z :

    @ Sirei :
    Enjoy your meal ^^

  7. oh ok, you have aroused my interest.


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