Mar 26, 2010

hitoMi say Support Earth Hour

I know most of you would respond :  
So what if we really did off our electrics for an hour?

Well, sorry to say, if you can't see how significant it is, you are having the sight of a frog in the well.

Can't you see how we did it last year?

 It is a GLOBAL thingy!!

What is so hard to act as one and be One of the global world out there, doing the same odd thing, for the same purpose that we, as human being, as the residents on the EARTH should do what we should do??


  1. HitoMi,

    I must find a way to save you and your friends from the enivor-weenies.

    This Saturday evening I have will celebrate humnkind with Human Achievement Hour. This one-hour celebration coincides with “Earth Hour,” an hour in which governments, individuals, and corporations will dim or shut off lights to symbolically renounce the environmental impacts of modern technology.

    “Earth Hour’s creators suggest that human inventions and technology are a problem, but we see the ability to create and innovate as the ultimate resource,” says Human Achievement Hour founder and CEI Policy Analyst Michelle nton.

    Environmental challenges will not be solved by turning off our lights and symbolically hiding in the dark. If anything, we should be looking to technology and innovation to help solve environmental problems.

    Just like last year, countless individuals, organizations, agencies and businesses will be celebrating Human Achievement Hour without even realizing it. Just by not shutting down their lights, operations and stores, they will be acknowledging that productive effort and the pursuit of happiness are a better alternative than sitting in the dark.

    Please visis the link below.

    Consider after thinking about this how much better you live now than your parents or grandparents did when they were your age.

    Enjoy the weekend. I have some lights ready for Saturday evening!


    The 7 modern sins: politics without principles, pleasures
    without conscience, wealth without work, knowledge without
    character, industry without morality, science without humanity,
    worship without sacrifice.

    -- Canon Frederic Donaldson

  2. people are generally ignorant... they'll come with the idea of "if I don't throw rubbish everywhere, there's still others who do, so what's the different?" including me sometimes.. =p but why can't they think the other way round? hmm...

    earth hour is just an awareness, the best is still if we could constantly save energy, water etc...

    8.30pm I'm still running my night marathon in cyberjaya... wonder if they'll off the lights too =p


  3. @ David :
    You are definitely right about being not solving things. Technology is what we look forward to solve things out.


    It is a sign of awareness....celebrate for a purpose
    I know they are some who are not...
    I would say they are pathetic.
    If you are doing it constantly, why can't we just join the force and be part of the whole world doing the same thing?

    @ ThinKe :
    so did they actually off the lights LOL...the bridge without light, that is something!!

  4. hahah.. no idea.. i was busy "walking" my 21km!! now my leg and ass hurts...

    sometimes i think that many are just hypocrites (applies to me as well) if we constantly conserve our resources dun waste water, electricity etc.. and don't dump things as they like.. don't think we need earth hour anyway...

    why the hassle... hmmm...

  5. HitoMi,

    We should work together towards as much common good as we can.

    However most of the environmentalist want to use carbon-taxes, carbon credits and other non-sense to take money from the achievers and redistribute to whomever.

    Over here environmental extremest make almost every construction project take years of time and expense filing environmental impact statements making every project more costly.

    I am getting tired of others telling me how to live.

    Sorry if this is strident. I'm just venting.

    Have a great week and do well on you next exams!


  6. @ David :
    measurement measurement and measurement, of course it makes a benchmark for them, but come again, is it purely for the compliance or for the sake of conserving our planet for our next generation.

    In short, corporate world is all about money. They see profit motive, they do it. I wonder if there is one philantrophic company in this world

    @ ThinKe :
    yea, you surely is. You do your part, because that is your responsibility. People don't do, they can, but better, you advise them (provided they do listen to you)

  7. HitoMi,

    There are many philantopic companies. Take Bill Gates, Microsoft's founder and first CEO.

    Bill and Melinda Gates were the second most generous philanthropists in America, having given over $29 billion since 2008.

    Last year my wife and I donated more than $3500USD to charitable causes in the States and around the world. After recent earthquakes we sent an extra donation to the international Red Cross specifically to aid those relief efforts.


  8. @ David :
    Thanks for the information, but the thing is do they really do it for the sake of a philanthropist or do they just want some fame for doing it.

    Again, we never know what is the intention of doing so. They might be exception.

    That is good to hear you are doing charity. Keep it up. Sometimes I do hope I can but I am totally financially unsupported unless myself

  9. i think the structures off the lights are sometimes to get more publicity =P

  10. @ kenwooi :
    Because everybody will go to have a look at it too


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