Mar 25, 2010

hitoMi belanja you Lemon

So sorry everybody, guess I have to spare more time for my studies
Thus, I have to belanja you eat Leng Mong
Thanks for visiting on and off

I will update as fast as I could (perhaps at the speed of a turtle)
In the meanwhile you can catch me @ my new Photoblog


  1. HitoMi,


    This non-Malaysian can only guess what "belanja you eat Leng Mong"
    translates into common English.

    As always your help and patience are very appreciated!

    Do well with you studies and pass all your exams during the next exam period!


  2. sigh~ been eating lemon long time ago~~~

  3. @ David :
    Means I treat you lemon... means I cant fulfill my duty to blog as often as last time

    @ thinKe :
    hahaha, eat more then will help your tummy


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