Mar 4, 2010

Belated Birthday Post

How hectic life could be when you have tonnes of commitments to be done and you are wishing for more time by sacrificing your sleeping time

Oh Goodness, that happens to me and now I Look damn awful.
Seriously need a facial treatment right away!!

Enough of digression, I know I have been owing this post to the birthday boy and birthday girl for quite some time 

*erm, I also forgot how long it has been*

Tada, the spot spot light of the day
Don't you think they look like couple LOL

Well well, Look who were there
the super Fei with the Cunning smile

what a Sly smile from Bernard, Wonder what is he looking at

The Super-karaoke-guy named Meng lee

the You-better-dun-fuss-with-me Joanne

Sweet girl named Mei ting with her cake

Of course there were more, but I didn't really get decent shot of them.

But what is my main concern is this
the Moment-that-not-to-be-missed in every single birthday!!

You must be wondering whether we had him "Smashed"
What do you reckon?

And sometimes, One is just not enough
Hahaha, see how evil is the bunch of friends

It always felt good to meet up with old friends with just a simple gathering like this
Where we could just chat, drink, and play


  1. HitoMi,

    Happy Birthday to your friends!

    The food looked very yummy.


    BTW- enough time for fun, back to studies, no more flunging exams!

  2. @ david :
    Thanks!! but it also means less blogging time >.<

  3. HitoMi,

    Your followers and friends will understand.

    You need time to study. Once you graduate, there will be more time for blogging and photos.


  4. @ David :
    By that time, will be busy with work also


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