Mar 13, 2010

2 in 1 : Thaipusam & Bukit tinggi

Hola, it is hitoMi back into action again.
I know I have been MIA for so long.
traffic also Drops 

Simply because~~
I have Mr patrick Le from Aussie beside me

Basically he is My maid LOL
See my think tank bag??

And my personal entertained
*kidding kidding*
But that is him, so silly

Well, what were we doing at Bukit tinggi?
We went for horse riding.
2hours including half an hour warm up costs me RM200.
Goodness, I am now officially Mang Ka Li, for I have been sun tanned badly
I have to wear long sleeve nowadays to help recover my initial skin tone.

So happen it was Thaipusam on the same day itself, and I have got a day off!!
we decided to rush over to Batu Caves to catch the spectacular festival

In case you have been wondering, hitoMi is staying around batu caves.
Although I stay around there, I have been there like, twice?
And it was my first time witnessing Thaipusam!!
It was very happening and crowded

From Old man

To Middle aged

To youngster

Even babies

I barely stand the heat, it was humid and Hot!!
The biggest mistake ever was wearing a singlet on a SUNNY DAY 

Should have worn a long sleeve instead


  1. haha.... i think going there at night is the best time! lots of dramatic shots can be done... anyway, u covered so many places in a day?

  2. HitoMi,

    A most interesting story. The action sequence of you maid is very good!

    Translation please for "..I am now officially Mang Ka Li..."

    For the benefit of this North American what is Thaipusam?

    Is this a Buddhist festival?
    Very few Buddhist over here.

    Keep you arms covered until all the sunburn is heeled.

    Enjoy the weekend and keep up with your studies!


  3. Now you have a tanned body with stripe ;p
    No worries it will recover soon~!

  4. @ henry Lee :
    yea yea, I covered alot of places...damn rush

    @ David :
    means very Dark like an indian LOL
    will cover my full body for months

    @ tian Chad :
    thanks but I am not as fair so it takes longer time than you need

  5. Oh, I haven't been to a Thaipusam event like that before... looks very happening!

  6. @ irenelim :
    Maybe you should go one fine day ^^


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