Feb 5, 2010

Yut Kee KopitiaM @ Dang Wangi

My mom loves to dine there whenever she is out to Kuala Lumpur.
One thing that she would never forget is to buy their Buttercake!!

NO doubt it is the oldest Kopitiam I have came across in the Heart of the City.
I love their Pork Chop, chicken Chop or whatever Chop chop
*mimicking Chopping knife*

But this tiMe round, we tried something Different, but nonetheless familiar
*wiNKie doOPie*

woOpie yea, it is Simon seow the Connoisseur aka My driver of the Day
so Cute right the red Cap and the red shirt

*point point at his Food*
this is what he Ordered - Curry ChiCken rice - Not very exotic or fanciable to me
Rating : 5/10

For the Babi lovers like Me
*sorry if you are Malays, this is a NON HALAL post*
I had the LEGENDARY ROTI BABI - Pork meat with shredded Onion, which fully absorbed with the speCial vinegar and what a satisfying chew when it blended together with the Roti!!
Rating : 8/10

we had this special French toast in the House
Though it might not appear to be tempting, it is simply HEAVEN when you eat with the Yut kee's own kaya
Bit oily to my liking
Rating : 8.5/10

it is Worth the journey, NO doubt NO doubt
OH yea, their Swiss rolls (with their own Kaya) and butterCakes are Not bad too.
They have their own unique taste, which I have not tasted of elsewhere
Alluring enough??


  1. I want itu French Toast. TQ.

  2. THE CURRY CHICKEN RICE IS.... sedap!!!!

  3. Guess Kopitiam will be very happy with this posting. Perhaps, when they see this, they will give you free treat!!!

  4. yut kee standard dropped already, includes the butter cake

  5. @ xiao Pei :
    Makan kat sini

    @ henRy LCE :
    you sure you want ah?? not that nice wo

    @ leoCW :
    Hee, they have enough publications out there edi. NO need to treat us FOC one

    @ PS :
    Yes, that is what My mom said too

  6. HitoMi,

    Sigh, I must be the only person who gains weight by looking at all this good food.

    The Roti Babi sounds very yummy.
    What is Kaya? I make really good French toast and I enjoy trying all the variations of French toast batters.

    Excuse me< I have to find some stairs to climb.


    BTW, the second set of the HitoMi vs Charis photo set were lovely and fun!

  7. yummm.... i wanna roti babi!

  8. photo is more delicius..

    from Nikel Khor

  9. @ David :
    Why you need to climb stairs??
    Kaya is like peanut butter spread, you can eat it with breads, biscuits. It is sweet and made of eggs and melacca brown sugar ^^

    @ Quirky malaysia :
    Roti babi SATU!!

    @ Nikel Khor :
    as always as always

  10. Roti Babi!!! looks good!! *drooling*

  11. HitoMi,

    My middle age bulges demand I move more or they will continue to grow!

    I never want to be so large that I appear to waddle when I walk.

    That is unacceptable.

    Kaya sounds delicious, I enjoy peanut butter, os KAya would be a real treat!



  12. @ thinKe :
    Hee, jom pergi makan lagi

  13. i want that roti babi!!
    send it to me via post..

  14. oh gosh!! looking at this post make me goes super duper hungry!! sure i will go n try it if i know how to go... =p mind to be a city-guide for a day? loL

  15. @ David :
    now i get you. Of course you need to exercise more at your age.. then you have solid reason to enjoy all the good food!!

    @ cheekeong :
    bila sampai dah busuk semua...

    @ thinKe :
    hee, okay, let's go!! you drive kan

  16. Agree much. Yut Kee's ROTI BABI is to-die-for T-T

    I think, it's time to revisit Yut Kee again. Ahha!

  17. @ waaayshhyeah :
    your name is so long that I can't even type without making a single mistake!!

    Hee, just go whenever you feel like Babi-ing lol

  18. I almost forgot about this trip. lol I also forgot where I put the cap already lol. Did I took pic too?

  19. hohoho.. i dun mind driving if got good food!! =p *goes hungry again*

  20. @ simon seow :
    You used my camera to take pic lah...forgot edi??

    @ thinKe :
    hee, then you can give me a call then

  21. sighs im feeling hungry edy now.. >.<


  22. @ kenwooi :
    Go eat something lo

  23. hitomi.. sure will do! but after CNY... hehehee

  24. @ thinKe :
    we shall see then

  25. Mmm roti babi looks tempting

  26. @ aaron :
    hehe, definitely but not too good. Order the chop chop!!


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