Feb 12, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Long is an adjective.
Longer and longest are the exaggeration of "long"
*No worries, it is just going to be short and nice*

Everybody likes Long, longer, and better still longest but Longest is not what we can definite exactly.
We like longer holiday
We like longer wish list
Including Me!!

*fingers snapped*
Without Further ADO, let me Present to you
HitoMi's chronicle of being LONGER
I just can't believe it how Much it changes ME!!

I like Longer Lashes
so Sad nya

Now you see it, Don't you?
We just can't get enough of anything, or to be exact, EVERYTHING!!

Even handphones, we love it Longer *ehem ehem* as It is more "Touchable"
It reminds me katy Perry's
"soft skin, red lips, so Kissable"
Smooth and silky, black and stylish, Classy yet techie, better still, it is LONGER~~~
Owh, ain't she so Adorable??
*mind playing : GOtta get get, Gotta get get, Gotta get get get...*

Most importantly, I can FINALLY have a DECENT phone that I can 
surf longerrrrrr
talk longerrrrrrrr
sms longerrrrrrrrr

My motorola V360 is the Antique of the antique, and I kept formatting it on and off WTH right!?
I wan this Longerrrrrrrr phone, Can can???


  1. so buas la ur sleeping style..hahaa

  2. HitoMi,

    Great photo story!
    I would have liked to have been longer, (as in taller), however at my age I am losing height.)

    You are a truly beautiful young women. You need only enhance the features your were born with!

    BTW, is the Motorola Droid available in Malaysia?


  3. i also wish to have the LG chocolate!!

    1 more longer is i wish to love you longer, :p

    gong xi fa cai~

  4. @ zac Zirwan :
    Haha, what to do...

    @ David :
    I have never come across this model. Maybe we have it here but I never know of.

    @ Cheekeong :
    Haha, it is you who decides it can be or not

  5. LOL!
    creativenya! XD

  6. wuahahahah... gotta say it.. i love your "longer" part I!!

    sometimes to long is not a good thing oso... LoL

  7. @ Sirei :
    Thanks thanks

    @ thinKe :
    part I saja kar? so sad


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