Feb 9, 2010

Introduction of My Hang out Kakiss

Guess I have not been updating my blog that frequent anymore.
Are you grudging at me?
Alot of things to be done and I was kinda occupied, please Forgive me
*pleading with watery eyes*

So, what I am going to post about today would be pretty clear isn't it?
let's waste no time and get to the point
Shall we??

#1 Introducing Miss Pik Hun
The cherry girl with cute moles on the face

#2 Miss Katrine
The silly girl whom always do nasty things to others
Don't say I don't warn you, beware.

#3 Alicia Lim Siew Yen
We used to be in the same College, and it was the first time meeting her.
Hmm, I wonder what is she looking at...

#4 Miss wen Hui
the Quiet but cute girl with braces whom always demand little attention

#5 Miss Mr Triple C
Triple C = Chin Cheng Chong, that is how he Got the Nick. a Very shy guy with Seriously treble voice

#6 Mr Lin Lin
I know his name sounds wrong, but that is his Surname --> Nick LOL
another Very shy guy infront of the camera, and this is caught unaware

#7 Miss Cheng Ying

I almost ForGot about her!! Haha, if not she will Whack me for sure.

Wondering where we are??
It will be disclosed very soon in next coming post
stay tuNed!!


  1. looks like prince cafe at ss2? correct ah?

  2. @ vialentino :
    Well well, you have somehow got the Hint

  3. cool wang out kaki... lol... :p

  4. HitoMi,

    No grudges.

    Looking forward to the adventures this interesting looking group of friends will provide.

    Very nice photos you appear to capture their personalities!


  5. @ henry Lee :
    Wang out lol...surely it is

    @ David :
    Thanks thanks...

  6. #3 is Alicia Lim Siew Yen,hehez =p

  7. haha.. i dont know where it is.. all the background blur edy.. lol..
    anyway, nice shots of your friends =)


  8. @ Cheng ying :

    @ kenwooi :
    Hee, vialentino got it right

  9. HI.... Hoping this blog is still active... Do you know katrine chong's full name... I fear for her life... Can you please try and contact her as well... Please email me urbanlord3@gmail.com. My name is kc


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