Feb 22, 2010

Hokkien Bai ti Gong

Whenever it is 8th day of Chinese New year, all the Hokkiens will be busy preparing their offerings to Jade Emperor.
You can spot all the housewives weaving in and out of the markets to buy all sorts of things for the big celebration.

On the night itself
we Burn candles and incense

we prepare dried fruits

we prepare flowers

we prepare Ang ku Kuih - this is Made by my MOm...we have orange & black one

And many many more

And we wait until 12am struck when 9th day of Chinese new year comes. Then we burn the paper gold, the Sugarcane to Jade Emperor for saving our lives during the hard time of Communist in Malaya.

This year round, we have no firecrackers. Instead, my dad bought us one of this
we wrote all the wish and we let the lantern bring all our wishes to Jade Emperor and hopefully it comes true ^^

Of course, there are alot of them whom actually bought this
which adds on to the Mood of Chinese New year

how could I not possibly love Chinese new year, when it has all the nice food, ang pao, and fireworks?
Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers!!


  1. i only saw the fireworks last night but didnt see any red lanterns on the sky(in my arae), did you buy it or make it?

  2. Hitomi,
    How was your result?

  3. wow, Happy CNY^^~~~~~~~~
    COOL bai ti gong~~~

  4. HitoMi,

    Great photo set!

    But no photos of you celebrating CNY. ;-(

    Outside of the Chinese/American community there is little knowledge or the traditions behind CNY celebrations.

    Thank you for all the info that I never knew.

    Have a great CNY year of the Tiger!


  5. @ choon hong :
    Of course, we Buy it LOL
    not that pro enough to make one

    @ Ong kheng Mai :
    Not good, I did badly

    @ xjion89 :
    heee, thanks!!

    @ David :
    haha, I am behind the scene always ^^ no self shoot this time. more to getting nice pictures

  6. love the firework !! nice pics :)

  7. Try harder next time. All the best! n.n

  8. @ tan Coerlly :
    Hee, are you enjoying your CNY then?

    @ ong Kheng Mai :
    Need more money >.<

  9. Hahahaha, so this means you Hokkien~

  10. eh, ur photography here looks very cool la... got the 'old' feel to it.

    Comic Studios

  11. @ justin Hee :
    Of course lol

    @ dylan phuah :
    Hee, chinese things all red and of course got old old feel lo

  12. Happy Chinese New Year to you too. :D

  13. Happy CNY to you too~~
    Gong Hei Fatt Choy =)

  14. @ tekkaus :
    Hapi hapi!!

    @ liljo :
    Hee, mejo mejoooo

  15. i experienced it before.. long time ago, when i was a little boy.. =)


  16. @ kenwooi :
    how about now??


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