Feb 26, 2010

hitoMi's Mom production

Chinese new year has nearly come to an end on this Sunday.
Before I forgot and got this delayed for ages, I shall post it now.

Proudly present 
my Mom's yuM yuM biscuits for CNY!!
Pineapple biscuits
I did the outer layer!! 
Very very nice but too bad I am sick so basically I didn't even enjoy it myself

indian bee hives
I have no idea what english name it is called but I assure you my mom's the Best!! 
Crispy and full of Coconut milk smell
finger licking Good!!

Too bad I can't spare you soMe LOL....
Only can do it VISUALLY

I still have alot of them in my house
I wonder when only I can eat them

Feb 22, 2010

Hokkien Bai ti Gong

Whenever it is 8th day of Chinese New year, all the Hokkiens will be busy preparing their offerings to Jade Emperor.
You can spot all the housewives weaving in and out of the markets to buy all sorts of things for the big celebration.

On the night itself
we Burn candles and incense

we prepare dried fruits

we prepare flowers

we prepare Ang ku Kuih - this is Made by my MOm...we have orange & black one

And many many more

And we wait until 12am struck when 9th day of Chinese new year comes. Then we burn the paper gold, the Sugarcane to Jade Emperor for saving our lives during the hard time of Communist in Malaya.

This year round, we have no firecrackers. Instead, my dad bought us one of this
we wrote all the wish and we let the lantern bring all our wishes to Jade Emperor and hopefully it comes true ^^

Of course, there are alot of them whom actually bought this
which adds on to the Mood of Chinese New year

how could I not possibly love Chinese new year, when it has all the nice food, ang pao, and fireworks?
Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers!!

Feb 20, 2010

Telephone Lovey

Imagine how people used to live without telecommunication
Imagine how people now can't even step out of home without mobile phones

In fact, mobile phones are essential and definitely useful in certain stuff, don't you think so?
Can you see the fish behind the rock now??
*ehem ehem, if you can't, I would ask, are you Ok?*

Unexpected but interlinks, how mysterious things can be ain't it?
this is My phone, which gives me toNnes of troubles to save my phone contacts >.< 
I have to reformat N-times to do make it normal, but it is NOT

this is My wanna-have-phone, I wanted to have a new phone so Muchie

Feb 15, 2010

Ice blended @ Prince Restaurant

Don't you agree that every year Chinese New year is coupled with the freaking HOT SUMMER??
Don't you agree that you wish every single minute in the daylight not going outside under the hot sun but staying inside an well-conditioned room??
DOn't you wish that you have some ICY COOL Drinks when You are STEAMINGLY HOT??

This is just the right Post for you!!
By the way, Do excuse me if I have not been wishing

Here is my Compensation for the late wishes
a Nice cup of Chilly freezy MOcha

And a Cup of strawberry Ice blended

What is even more complete when there is yuMmy food pairing with the Icy cool drinks?
Cheese Baked Rice

Noodles with Dumpling

Are you feeling hungry right now??

Feb 12, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Long is an adjective.
Longer and longest are the exaggeration of "long"
*No worries, it is just going to be short and nice*

Everybody likes Long, longer, and better still longest but Longest is not what we can definite exactly.
We like longer holiday
We like longer wish list
Including Me!!

*fingers snapped*
Without Further ADO, let me Present to you
HitoMi's chronicle of being LONGER
I just can't believe it how Much it changes ME!!

I like Longer Lashes
so Sad nya

Now you see it, Don't you?
We just can't get enough of anything, or to be exact, EVERYTHING!!

Even handphones, we love it Longer *ehem ehem* as It is more "Touchable"
It reminds me katy Perry's
"soft skin, red lips, so Kissable"
Smooth and silky, black and stylish, Classy yet techie, better still, it is LONGER~~~
Owh, ain't she so Adorable??
*mind playing : GOtta get get, Gotta get get, Gotta get get get...*

Most importantly, I can FINALLY have a DECENT phone that I can 
surf longerrrrrr
talk longerrrrrrrr
sms longerrrrrrrrr

My motorola V360 is the Antique of the antique, and I kept formatting it on and off WTH right!?
I wan this Longerrrrrrrr phone, Can can???

Feb 9, 2010

Introduction of My Hang out Kakiss

Guess I have not been updating my blog that frequent anymore.
Are you grudging at me?
Alot of things to be done and I was kinda occupied, please Forgive me
*pleading with watery eyes*

So, what I am going to post about today would be pretty clear isn't it?
let's waste no time and get to the point
Shall we??

#1 Introducing Miss Pik Hun
The cherry girl with cute moles on the face

#2 Miss Katrine
The silly girl whom always do nasty things to others
Don't say I don't warn you, beware.

#3 Alicia Lim Siew Yen
We used to be in the same College, and it was the first time meeting her.
Hmm, I wonder what is she looking at...

#4 Miss wen Hui
the Quiet but cute girl with braces whom always demand little attention

#5 Miss Mr Triple C
Triple C = Chin Cheng Chong, that is how he Got the Nick. a Very shy guy with Seriously treble voice

#6 Mr Lin Lin
I know his name sounds wrong, but that is his Surname --> Nick LOL
another Very shy guy infront of the camera, and this is caught unaware

#7 Miss Cheng Ying

I almost ForGot about her!! Haha, if not she will Whack me for sure.

Wondering where we are??
It will be disclosed very soon in next coming post
stay tuNed!!

Feb 5, 2010

Yut Kee KopitiaM @ Dang Wangi

My mom loves to dine there whenever she is out to Kuala Lumpur.
One thing that she would never forget is to buy their Buttercake!!

NO doubt it is the oldest Kopitiam I have came across in the Heart of the City.
I love their Pork Chop, chicken Chop or whatever Chop chop
*mimicking Chopping knife*

But this tiMe round, we tried something Different, but nonetheless familiar
*wiNKie doOPie*

woOpie yea, it is Simon seow the Connoisseur aka My driver of the Day
so Cute right the red Cap and the red shirt

*point point at his Food*
this is what he Ordered - Curry ChiCken rice - Not very exotic or fanciable to me
Rating : 5/10

For the Babi lovers like Me
*sorry if you are Malays, this is a NON HALAL post*
I had the LEGENDARY ROTI BABI - Pork meat with shredded Onion, which fully absorbed with the speCial vinegar and what a satisfying chew when it blended together with the Roti!!
Rating : 8/10

we had this special French toast in the House
Though it might not appear to be tempting, it is simply HEAVEN when you eat with the Yut kee's own kaya
Bit oily to my liking
Rating : 8.5/10

it is Worth the journey, NO doubt NO doubt
OH yea, their Swiss rolls (with their own Kaya) and butterCakes are Not bad too.
They have their own unique taste, which I have not tasted of elsewhere
Alluring enough??

Feb 2, 2010

my CNY present from IreneLim fashion

Chinese new year is just 13days away.
All the malls are crowded with people doing their last minute shopping.
I went to Times Square last saturday and SURPRISINGLY, it stuffed like Hell
NO kidding, I was like what on earth is HAPPENING!!

The great thing about online boutique is  
they save you alot of time from going out to shop
So you can save your time for some Beauty sleep
To be frank, they are reasonable too!!

Maybe just one thing you might not be fancy of is that You can't try it on the spot
But you have to know
I would just say "Leave it, I am not going to wait"
I am not that patient though.

For the first time in My life, I feel so Happy to get free sponsor from Irenelim fashion
It has totally made up my Brand new Chinese new year!!
yes yes yes, do you know how I feel right now??

DO you know what I have got from them?
Ahhh, I have done alot of hinting already...
*pointing to the black cardigan*
IreneLim fashion is Kind enough to let me PICK my own stuffs

Browsing through their online boutique has never been easier.
You can just right click right click right click
*I have lotsa tabsss of Irenelim's at the end of the sessions LOL*
And you can see all the details of each products and most importantly, the MEASUREMENTssss

I personally hate those free size clothes offered by online boutiques, because they have the LOooNg stretchable elastic behind most of the clothes
it looks FUGLY

BUT that is exactly opposite of Irenelim's
And the texture is just Smooth and silky, it makes me wanna touch moreeee
*It sounds abit wrong ain't it*
I just can't help myself

Prompt replies to your enquiries
Easy navigation and search function
Fast loading of webpages
simply the ENHANCERS of your online shopping experience.

try them, I am sure you will find it as GOOD as what I have said
time to hit the saCk
Good night everybody

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