Jan 12, 2010

wHen the Curtain is Closed

If you have been "stalking" hitoMi's territory for quite some tiMe, I bet you must have Came across this particular Post.

But I am not going to reveal so soOn

stay tuNed~~

to the Ladies, don't be Sceptical
to the Gents, don't be so horNy
I shall be riGht back


  1. HitoMi,

    You know your followers well!

    How to put this politley....


    I am not that voyeuristic as you are imagining.

    Of course I am not speaking for the younger males following here.

    Must wait for your return!


  2. wahhh... can't wait! i standby some tissue papers... LOL jk jk...

  3. @ David :
    Voyeuristic, this is a new term for me

    @ Kenwooi :
    Definitely Yes ^^

    @ henRy :
    Omg, dun kill the treesss


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