Jan 10, 2010

NYE Concert @ Curve

It has been two years I went to Curve for new year eve celebration.
HOwever, the latest NYE was my second experience ever celebrating outside with bunch of friends.
The first was at suNgai wang.
Must say it is really a crazy throng of Crowdsss

The emCees of NYE Concert this time was JOey G and his partner

He is really talented. He spins, he talks, he JOkes
Oh Man, he is Handsome too...must be real Lucky to be his another half.

Here is One of the male singers

Although I have no idea who is he, but He jumps, he raps, he is totally RoCking his way out

Of course, we Had our pretty Superstar, Kay

No doubt she is adorable with the Mini jacket and Skirt, and Most importantly
She definitely has her own taste of fashion and it suits her Sweet, demure appearance well enough.

I did not stay long because I had a bigger mission to Find the MISSING PERSONSsss
You know who are they...we Got lost
Actually we Got separated, and it is Effing hard to find them in the Throng of Crowdsss

This marks the end of this post

I am sure there are MOre coverages on this NYE concert OUt there

Cheerio, it is 2010 now.
Have fun and Live the Brand new year


  1. wow...so near close-up...u go there reserve place early early ar..

    Nikel Khor

  2. HitoMi,

    NYE at Curve looked to be great!

    Does Kay have a website?

    She is super pretty!

    Back to work Monday is near, and that means back to school Monday for you!

    Have a happy week!


  3. @ nikel :
    NOt close lo...but the front line.
    I reached quite late juga. Squeeezeeee my way through

    @ DAvid :
    I dont think she has a website. I just learned a term - OSIM - Oh shit it is MOnday LOL. how creative!!

  4. O.M.G! I love the pink boots!!! Where to get one?!?! Me want! Lol! XD

  5. lol OSIM.. nice one... yea.. tot u got some reserved place.. that u can take such a close distant... lol

  6. @ samantha Kong :
    Me love too!! I have not seen anything like this LOL

    @ thinKe :
    Hee, If only I can walk in and out like the official photographer lah...

  7. HitoMi,

    Can you provide the label Kay records under.

    I would like to hear her music.

    BTW, how is this first week of classes?



  8. The pink boot from Kay is reallly niceeeee...

  9. @ david :
    I will mail them to you ^^ It is now entering week 5

    @ xiaoPei :
    Hee, we have same thinking!!


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