Jan 27, 2010

Look who has turNed 21

On this particular Saturday, hitoMi travelled all the way from Batu Caves to Shah aLam 

Just for this

Pretty tranquil ain't it??

LoOk at this Exotic Picture

Have you ever seen Grandpa Kissing His Cucu??
Seriously for a Cucu this Big, I have not LOL

LoOk at the Prank

It serves you right, Mr Alex

LoOk at Jeffro's face

I think he is having COnstipation

LoOk at this Muka temBok

I know you very rich lah....

LoOk at the lines of Photographers

Excluding Me of course

Whoever is turning 21 is damn LuCky
You hear me right, Mr suresh

This is for You

the Happy family

Last but NOt least

A picture with the Birthday boy

Happy buffiday!!
Must be Good boy kay...
Don't naughty naughty


  1. HitoMi,

    Happy birtday to Alex.

    He shares the same birthday as my wife.

    Except she more than twice Alex's age.

    Tonight we go out for a fun dinner.
    Unfortunately we are both working and cannot stay up late.

    Yes, the joys of being older, one cannot get by on just 3 or 4 hour of sleep.

    Have a great week!


  2. Hi.... curious what is that in the first pic.

  3. Why no me one? sad sad sad T.T

  4. shah alam eh?
    near my place... lol

    happy birthday to the birthday boy!!

    hmm i wonder how come nobody (family members) kissed me like tht b4? not that i remember even if got... LoL

  5. @ david :
    Oops, you have got the name wrong.
    the birthday boy is Suresh, not Alex
    Just promise you and yourself to give her a good vacation then :p

    @ Quirky malaysia :
    what do you think??

    @ Nikel Khor :
    Thank you on behalf of Suresh

    @ FEeq :
    Hmm, I don't know leh...how come??

    @ thinKe :
    Quite far lah...very far actually...
    Ask your parents to kiss you like that lah haha

  6. u so wei ta! from batu caves to shah alam... took me an hour to reach there :p

  7. yes.. batu cave is very far indeed.. LoL

  8. @ henry LCE :
    hee, coz he is my friend mah..

  9. wheres my pictures now? T.T

  10. warm kiss from grandpa... happy bday to him too

  11. @ thinKe :
    heee, see how Good I am lol

    @ samantha Chow :
    Girl, better dun see lah...coz tak cantik

    @ choon Hong :
    ask your grandpa kiss kiss you too

  12. hhahahah oh thanks then, better than some ppl just main letak aje even though not nice :)


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