Jan 29, 2010

Let's TGI Friday

Finally Mid term is DoNe
Taxation appears to be pretty easy, Just hope I don't underestimate it
As I said, I wanna Score

It is Friday, means, there are 3days Holidays that follow :
Thaipusam, Sunday, and Wilayah persekutuan Holiday!!
WoOt, Can you imagine how grateful I feel right now??

Friday & TGI Friday
What a Great coincidence it is!!
*awww...I have bit of sudden craving now*

every Munchy bite of Salmon is full with Jack Daniel's aroma
I want to have it aGain!!
Rating : 9.5/10

Creamy, and Slurp-able 
*hoho, how would it not be?*
Just kind of Bland to my liking
Rating : 7/10

3appetizers served in One "Three for all"
I love the Buffulo Wings, the rest are normal
Rating : 4/10

Hola, it is Us
*siMOn seow, Me, and GRiza*

Though it was long ago, but Janji the food is Nice lah, Right people??

SO have you voted for my photo??

it is just 5 steps
1. Join as fan @ http://www.facebook.com/canoncameramsia
2. Go to here @ http://apps.facebook.com/canon_eos_contest
*It is an application. You need to accept it*
3. Go to TheMe : Silhouette
4. Look for my photo @ 2nd Page *right bottom of the page after scrolled down*
5. Rate it with starsssss *the more the merrier*

PLease please please, I am bribing you with TGIF


  1. wow...nice food...which restaurant?

    nanged. nang this to read Apple's secret in dealing the new tablet-IPad!

  2. HitoMi,

    Now it is TGIS!

    Lucky for you a long weeked!

    All the food looks so ymmmmmy! ! !

    Can we vote for you pic more than once?

    Your smile is so cute, you look of adorable!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. hmmm... TGIF... their food not bad... but somehow i prefer chillis.. =p

    of course i voted... *wink*

  4. Ive always wanted to try TGI fridays but no gang to teman me :( If vote, u belanja TGI meh...

  5. Hello from PerutBesi! Lovely photo you have here :D I'm linking u to my blog...and oh, I just met Simon Seow about 2 weeks ago too! :D

  6. @ iyouweblog :
    It is stated there, TGI fridays

    @ David :
    Too bad you can't. You only can vote the same picture once.

    @ thinke :
    Hee, chilis not bad too..Me likey juga

    @ chris Lim :
    If i belanja i damn broke lah

    @ perut besi :
    Hee, thanks for linking and liking my bloggy ^^ Oh really?

  7. nice nice food photo..

    from Nikel Khor

  8. @ nikel :
    Eat all you like


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