Jan 22, 2010

Let's Go Italiannies

HOhoho, Santa is Back.
Imma the new Santa, been so busy with all the gifts lately.
So now Imma back for blogging!!

I have my official dinner at Italiannies after being promoted to the Saint job ever

What they treat me is Lotsa lotsa lotsa Chili Flakesssssss
That tastes AWFUL

Alone of course.
But if you blend it with this

it is YuMmylicioussss
But it is way too salty to my liking.
Rating : 5/10
Gauge filling is 100%, this is what you should go for if You want to have a Filling meal

Last but not least, let's have soMe shake shake for the finishing



  1. I like their carbonara a lot!

  2. u r the new santa? so where's my gift... i am good boy... haha!

  3. this makes me hungry....

  4. If Its a birthday they will give a complimentary bread pudding..

    you should try the salmon pizza i think. its good..

  5. HitoMi,

    Amazing macro shots of such ymmy food.

    Time for me to stop for breakfast!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. @ aaron :
    I din get to try that

    @ henry LCE :
    hee, I have edi shown you my gift to you

    @ nikel Khor :
    It is on you?

    @ thiNke :
    that is Kind of you

    @ PsyCh-error :
    OH really?? Find some time we go

    @ David :
    I only like the Chili flake photo. the rest not that GOod. Have a nice day ^^


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